Monday, January 25, 2010

12 of 12, a little green, a little late

I didn't make too many goals this year; be less sedentary (ie, get off my butt!), play my piano more, try to get a bit more caught up on scrapping, and try to participate monthly in the Twelve-of-Twelve challenges.

If you read my blog, you know that 12-of-12 means you take tons of pictures on the 12th of the month, then pick the best 12 to represent that day, and post them and/or scrapbook them. They don't have to be pictures of major events, just simple things that detail your day to day. It actually is really interesting to look over later and see what your house, kids, yard, fridge looked like during different months of the year. We don't always think to document the little things like what your closet floor looked like, and this program pushes me to think outside the box a little.

To keep it interesting, this time around I took pictures of all things green. :)

No, these are not old Christmas presents, these are actually Mother's and Father's Day presents that Cameron made, wrapped up (in Christmas wrapping paper), and told us to wait until May or June to open them. That kid is too funny.

This is Sean's backpack.

This is a bit of leftover Christmas gumball candy.

My favorite cup. Best when full of cranberry flavored crystal light.

Ethan loves dinosaurs, and these prominently displayed ones are some of his favorites.

The color of the hand towel in my kiddos' dirty bathroom.

Some green stuff in our year supply. I love that Garnier face scrub stuff!

I just bought anjou pears at the store for 50 cents a pound.

Love this yummy smelling candle, but it gives me headaches. Go figure.

Green tomatoes growing on the vine.

You may or may not have noticed that AZ has had a bit of crazy rain and weather lately! The green grass popping up is a sign of all the moisture we've had lately.

And the obligitory self portrait. I have green eyes.

If you want more information about 12-of-12 or if you want to get on Susan's reminder email list, go here.


*lindsey said...

I kinda like this idea...I kinda think I might steal it... Although, I'll probably just post the pictures on my blog, since me and scrapbooking don't get along so well.

Anonymous said...

My favorite was the self portrait, that was a good shot.


Emily said...

I always like these, good job!

wittygal said...

What a big eye you have! Better to see green with? I love the color idea, it made me wonder how many greens I have hanging around.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

hehe.. I love green! and I love that you had so many green things to take photos of! ;)