Tuesday, January 5, 2010

cutesy schmoopie doodle doo

I had to share because it not only makes me giggle, but makes me proud because it's actually pretty darn good.

Sean (10) drew this during church the Sunday after Christmas. Yes, he was obviously so into the talks being given, so overcome by the spirit of the message, that he had to doodle a nativity scene of his own.

I just loved the attention to detail...the olive (?) branch from the visiting doves.

The cholo vato-ness of Joseph...I can hear it now..."Orale vato...I gots a baby here homes..." (that was my weak attempt at gangsta mexican)

The adorable little sheep

Doesn't this just scream "yes, I'm paying attention in church right now!" ?

One last little Christmas goodie before it's all put away and forgotten until next year. :)


*lindsey said...

ha ha, that's great. I love the birds. :)

Mark and Jessica said...

How funny is that. One of the first things I noticed was the awesome camel, not to mention the angels halos :) I can just tell how much he was into those talks.

Or maybe he was still so moved from the Christmas Eve telling of the story and this was his first chance at some "quiet time" to draw out his testimony of it all.

leaner said...

I love it!

It could be worse, my brothers drew war scenes during sacrament, sometimes complete with gun noises.

Amanda said...

You HAVE to frame that! Too cute!

Jenna said...

Amazing!! He will definitely want to see that when he's older!!

Lorie said...

You need to keep that and frame it for next year!

Jane said...

Thats wonderful - I agree it should be framed! It would also be wonderful printed and turned into Christmas cards next year!!!

Casey Lu said...

So wonderful and such a talented little artist you have! This would be wonderful to display each Christmas in a frame!

jinxi~ aka angi said...