Thursday, February 18, 2010

busy day ahead

I get to play the organ this week at church (oh goody) so after I drop off the boys at school, I'm going to go down to the church and practice a bit. I shouldn't be so nervous, but I am.

Then I'm gonna do a little bit of Visiting Teaching (which in our church means, we go 2x2 to visit each other, see how one another are doing, leave a little spiritual thought, and be of any help we can). I get to teach the lesson this month. (double goody)

From there to the school for a study session and then my first Microbiology test. (triple goody!) I think I'm prepared, but as this is the first test of the semester with this teacher, one never knows how much or what to prepare, if I'm studying the right things, how she tests, grades, etc.

From there I have got to try to finish Jane Eyre as I have another book due back at the library soon and I don't want to have to get back on the waiting list! Too many books, not enough time! Can't wait for this summer and 2.5 months of no school! For me, likely longer since my CNA class was canceled and who knows if there'll be another available in the fall or not...

Tonight, Relief Society meeting at the church--for all the ladies--talking about organizing our homes and lives. Always a good thing. I may or may not make an appearance at this. I might be just too dang tired by then and heck if it isn't going on right smack dab in the middle of "Survivor", after which I need to do my exercises for the day. Oy.

I'm so much busier now than when I was working!!


RS said...


Christine #2 said...

I'm busier too, why is that?

Christine said...

I went to story time, feed ducks at the park, talked with girlfriends & may or may not mop my kitchen floor :) Hope you get everything done in time to see Boston Rob knocked the heck out. . . buhahahahahaha

Kim said...

I hear ya...I don't know how but it seems like we have less hours in a day then we used to.