Tuesday, February 16, 2010

mommy & the boys' day of fun isn't fun without pictures :(

So yesterday was a packed President's Day, from before 6am when it started til after 10p when it ended! I so wish I had pictures to accompany my post today, but alas, there is good news at the end of today's blog about that!

First, we did our annual family photo shoot with the amazing Christine. I always get so stressed out taking pictures--keep the kids clean, make the kids smile, pay attention, do what the photographer asks you to do, stay away from water, smile danggit, smile!! And today, I vowed I would just go with it, be cool, be easy, and enjoy the experience. And I did. :)

Christine took us to the Saguaro Ranch Park which has so many great photo sites! I think we really got some good ones. I look forward to seeing the final result!

Then we picked out some donuts and went to the city park for a good hour. It was pretty crowded, and strangely, cold and windy, so I just huddled next to my man while the kids played.

We went to the mall trying to make a return (didn't work out well), rented a movie, got some snacks for said movie, and headed back home. The kids then watched "Aliens in the Attic"--which was the cause of lots of giggling!!-- and I made dessert for last night's Family Home Evening.

We then relaxed a bit and hit Hungry Howie's for dinner, (I was good and only had 3 pieces, and no donut earlier) had a nice family home evening about having a Testimony in Jesus Christ, and ate our yummy dessert by the fire.

Then Dan and I did our p90X workout, starting week two, which I'm happy to report, went a bit easier and smoother than last week's day one--and it's the exact same workout.

Oh, and along the way, Cameron found Sean's camera that has been missing for 2 weeks--and the reason I have neglected to buy a new one...I just knew his was around somewhere! I am so excited!! :)

What a great day.

Be sure to check out our P90X blog for some new developments. :p


Roger said...

Had this conversation yesterday...What exactly are you SUPPOSED to do for Presidents' Day? Is it a day in which you celebrate the current president? Is it the day to celebrate just Lincoln and Washington's birthdays? What do you do? Buy something with a $1 and $5?

I wish I had these days off :) Odd that I don't, considering I do kinda work for the gov't. Maybe I should start teaching :P~

Happy Tuesday!

Liz said...

Sounds like a lot of fun Glad Danny was home with you ...
You definetly need your camera

OneHappyfamily said...

Your posts are great with and without a camera. Any day with donuts is a good day! IMO

Jenna said...

that does sound like a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...
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heather said...

this sounds cool. see you thursday.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

What a great family day.. cant wait to see the family portraits!

Im going to have to check into this p9ox stuff. ;) Keep up the great work!