Monday, March 8, 2010

happy thousand to me

Hey look at that, today is my 1,000th published post. :)

Today is also the start of Phase II of P90X. The first month went well; I didn't miss one day (Dan missed several, but that's necessary given his work schedule). I lost 5 pounds last month but that was all diet.

I've also kept on track as far as my scripture reading goal of finishing the Book of Mormon by General Conference early April; 10 pages a day and I just finished page 290.

Not much else to report; it's Spirit Week for the boys and we have another busy week ahead of us with parent/teacher conferences, a practical and an exam at school, and getting the house cleaned and prepped for Grandma to visit while Dan and I head to Canada for a week. Throw in Scouts, Art, Drama, and more and our front door turns into a revolving one. Oh, and I just got accepted into the CNA program at school so I start that after we come back. Too much to do! Not enough time! I'm sure blog posts will be hit and miss for a while.

What's on your plate today?


Liz said...

Congrats to you on the CNA and have fun in Canada Keep warm

Christine #2 said...

Busy lady! I'm cleaning and getting ready for my DES appt tomorrow yuck.

Jennifer ♥ said...

You're one busy chick!!

Congrats on getting accepted to the CNA program :)

Ashlyn said...

Congratulations on 1,000 posts. That is awesome! You are a purist blogger for sure.

And way to go with P90X. That is a kick your butt workout and I'm so proud of you! You inspire me to exercise a little today. =)

Congrats on your scripture reading. Our RS is also doing this as a challenge and you are doing way better than I am. Good for you! Doesn't it feel great to accomplish something so wonderful.

And you're headed to Toronto to see Connie, I'm assuming? You know MIke served in Toronto and he's been anxious to get back there. It has been 18 years since he was back there. It still might be a few years for us. Enjoy your trip and be safe. You will LOVE Niagra Falls. It is ridiculous beauty on earth. One of my favorite places of all time.

*lindsey said...

My brain is way too fried to explain what is on my plate today, but if you are really interested, I just explained it all in a comment on Ashley Bluth's blog.

Congrats on the 1000 posts, P90-X stick-to-it-ivness, and CANADA!! Ah-mazing!

Mark and Jessica said...

Busy mom stuff, I'm sure. Volunteering in the school, cleaning house, Activity Days, Mutual, and packing for our trip. Fun, fun stuff.

Delfina said...

Wow 1,000 post. I don't think I've eve reached a 100 yet.

Congrats in being excepted to the CNA program. Have fun in Canada!

Emily said...

Wow on everything. Especially on the CNA program-that is really, really cool

Lorie said...

Congrats on the 1000th post. Phase II. 5 lbs. AND 290 pages!

Anonymous said...

Happy thousandth to you,
happy thousandth to you,
you blog like a champion,
and you'll be a nurse too!