Thursday, April 15, 2010

12 of 12 and on time!

No special theme this time around, just whatever grabbed my camera and said, "Me! Me!  Take a picture of me!"



The end of my parents' visit.  They're faking their smiles pretty well aren't they-they weren't feeling too good at this point.



Proof that once in a while I iron.  Well, at least until my CNA class is done.



The flu visited our house briefly this weekend.  Briefly, I said.  Ya hear that, germs?  I said briefly!!  Now go away!


This shot has nothing to do with the picture before (lol); I was actually practicing personal protection equipment techniques for school.



I grew these in my very own garden.  They are small but oh so yummy.  (like myself. . . *snort*)



While out and about, my hubby and I got some Taco Bell.  I have fallen in love with bean burritos, minus the onions.  It's a dangerous thing.



The menu at my kiddos' school for lunch and brekky today.


What the grass looks like in our backyard right now, from a bugs' eye view.  :)


The three books I'm reading right now:  1) Memoirs of a Geisha, which I got from the library sooner than I'd planned so I had to start right away, 2) Pride and Prejudice, which I'm really enjoying but had to put on the backburner since Geisha came in, and 3) Eclipse, which I'm reading to Sean.  *swoon*

Also in the pic you can see some Canadian Kit-Kats I picked up for my friend Jenn while up North (Jenn, they're not gonna last for long, you best come get 'em!), my scriptures (finished the Book of Mormon right on time a couple of weekends ago and am now reading the D&C), and the boys' Nintendo DS's which they had all lost until Tuesday for various reasons.  :p  You can also see one of my favorite scrappy pages that my friend Christine made for me, framed there in the background.


Cameron and some Legos. . .


Sean and some piano playin' - he's actually quite happy doing this; I just happened to catch him at a second when he had a serious look on his face.


And Ethan playing baseball during our Family Home Evening activity.

This was our life on April 12th.  How about yours?


leaner said...

I love taco bell bean burritos minus the onions, been eating those for about 15 years. LOL.

Christine said...

You should try the bean burritos with green sauce. So yummy!!!!!!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

I havent done the 12 of 12 in how long?... oh but I enjoy reading/looking at your pics!

ps: The self portrait is SICK..ya know the new lingo for "groovy" haha ;)

Margee' said...

Been missing reading your blog. Life has been a little upside down around here.
Everyone tells me God does not give me more than I can handle, but it sure seems like it's alot more!

wittygal said...

I can't remember the 12th! I need more pictures.