Monday, April 12, 2010

and then there were two -- cubscouts, that is

Ever since about a month before Cameron's 8th birthday, he's been talking about Cub Scouts. He has been so excited to start, to join his older brother and get to go to den meeting each week, doing projects, passing off on activity badges, earning this and that. Weeks before his birthday he was already chomping at the bit to get started on activities in his book.

He was so disappointed when the night of his first official den meeting, we had to cancel in order to go to the Easter Pageant in Mesa last week. He was so bummed!

But finally, this past week, he went for the first time and had so much fun. He's already passed off on his Bobcat (I think we did it in one day?) and is raring to go.

Sean enjoys Scouts, but with him, it's always me pestering him to get things done, pass things off, etc etc. It looks like, with Cameron, it'll be the opposite--already he is asking me daily to help him do activities, work on skills, etc. It's really fun to see his enthusiasm.


Anonymous said...

Be prepared............for fun that is! Or is the Cub scout motto "Do your best"?


Jenna said...

That's awesome that he loves it so much!!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Very cool! :)

Monica McCoy said...

I forget that I will be a scout mom someday. Sorry we missed you today.
BTW- like what you've done to the blog :)