Wednesday, April 21, 2010

slowly, over the last couple of months, collected on my ipod

...because is it just me, or has there been a dearth of good music lately?

Yes, I said dearth. It's a word. Look it up.

Anyway, I had been waiting on posting this blog, in hopes that some good new tune-age would surface, but alas that has not been the case. So I post in hopes that ya'll have some good beats you can drop on this white girl. Lay 'em on me. In the meantime, this is what I have been listening to.


Anonymous said...

Your Decision - Alice in Chains
My Eyes - Dr. Horrible Soundtrack
Snuff - Slipknot
the Adam Lambert one you have
Playing with fire - Didi Benami(still the only one we've downloaded)
1901 - Phoenix
But nothing more recent than these.


Christine #2 said...

Sometimes I belt "Whataya Want From Me" at the kids when they bug me for something...kinda freaks them out, but it's good times.

wittygal said...

Thanks for keeping up to date with all the newest tunes.

laurie b said...

i have nothing new to add but always enjoy hearing what's out there. i never listen to the radio (i cannot stand the commercials!) so i am usually in the dark when it comes to the recently released.

i love Christine's comment about the "whataya want from me" song - perfect!!!!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

HUGE fan of Adam Lambert.. the whole CD is just awesome! Great to just belt out as Christine #2 says! ;)

leaner said...

"Horchata" by Vampire Weekend. I love Vampire Weekend.

Also Metric "Help, I'm Alive" and "Gold, Guns, Girls".