Monday, April 19, 2010

to-do list

  • sweep/mop floors
  • vacuum
  • wash whites/uniform for class tomorrow
  • study for lab quiz for tomorrow
  • study for lecture test for tomorrow
  • work on 2 Scout things with Cameron
  • work on 2 Scout things with Sean
  • go grocery shopping
  • return things to the library
  • figure out why my camera won't let me up load pictures to the computer
  • balance checkbook
What's your plan today?


Anonymous said...

Pull/spray weeds
Help make a seat cushion for window seat
Put insulation on A/C lines
Go to Dr's app
Go to Lowe's
Barnes and Noble's


OneHappyfamily said...

I made a to do list too. What else can you do without a camera... Mine was doing the same thing. It was a secondary board inside. To the tune of $129 I will have it back in a week or so! Sorry you are suffering too!

Christine #2 said...

Clean, clean clean!
Email baptism program
Joey's rehearsal
Clean up a ton of Harley's spit up
Post office...

Why does this week seem so stinkin' busy?

laurie b said...

i love to-do lists. sometimes i write things down on them that i've already done just so i can cross them off!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Im going to put this on my list to blog about. ;)

ps: I definitely need to write in my journal.. its about 2 weeks behind!