Tuesday, May 18, 2010

flat stanley

Those of you with 1st grade kids are probably familiar with the concept of Flat Stanley, who travels to foreign lands and reports his findings via pictures and souvineers.

We were the recipient of a Flat Stanley visit this week, from the far-reaching lands of Utah. He was dressed a little warm for our 95 degree day, but we tried to keep him happy and comfortable. *grin*

Here's some of the fun we had with him.

Contrary to popular opinion, he loved the warm Arizona sun.

He jumped on the trampoline.

Admired the palm trees.

Found a house built just his size.

Played with the indigenous wildlife.

And made friends with some of the local natives.

Thanks for visiting, Flat Stanley!


Anonymous said...

AAAAAAhhhhhhh Flat Stanley, I alas am the reason he has his unfortunate name. I didn't see him when I drove into my garage one day and ran him over. His previous name was.....Stanley. But since that day.......well that's when the legend of flat Stanley began.


jinxi~ aka angi said...

heheheee.. they made Flat Stanley right at home didnt they. I always find it so interesting where these objects go and what adventures they have!

our scrap group did a traveling pink flamingo once.. it was great fun! His name was Ned. ;) If you look back in my archives its in there. hehee

laurie b said...

it looks like Flat Stanley had a wonderful time on his visit to Arizona! i really love the way he ties reading, writing and geography together in a fun learning activity.

i saw Ethan in the t-shirt Cameron made for him yesterday - he was so proud of it!!!