Wednesday, May 5, 2010

a letter from grandpa

I've mentioned before how much I absolutely adore Danny's grandparents. I don't have any living grands anymore. My own remaining Grandpa died when I was around 15, so I've come to love Dan's Grandpa very much. He is quite a character. Very spry for his 80+ years, smart, and funny.

He wrote the following letter to Cameron after he got baptized:

Dear G.G.C. Cameron

What a neat guy. You had a birthday and got baptized all at once.

I wish I could have been there to see you get wet and check my watch to see how long your dad held you under.

Let's see now. If you are eight years old you are in the 8th grade. Is that right? I know that must be close because I was only 12 and in the 12th grade. I always wondered why I couldn't get a job after high school. They all told me I was too young and skinny.

Are you still the smartest kid in school?? Did you know that all through my years in school I only got 2 B's. All the rest were C's and D's and F's. I wasn't all that smart, but I had lots of girlfriends. Everybody told me I wouldn't amount to much in life but it has always been a big mystery why I turned out so great.

Anyhow you and I are probably the smartest people on earth. You are #1 and I'm #2. If anyone asks you why you are so smart, you tell them you have a real smart great-grandfather.

Well I gotta get busy. I have a very busy schedule to keep up. My day begins at 12:00 noon and ends at 1:00pm, and I take an hour off for lunch

My love to a great young man. I love you and am proud of your accomplishments.

Gr. Gr. H--------
the S. V. tycoon

Isn't that the cutest thing ever? Do you keep in contact with your grand (or great-grand) parents?


Christine said...

My grandparents live in Sun City Grand and my grandfather emails me all the time. He loves to write down his stories so I can make a scrapbook of them, lol. I have the story of the naked thanksgiving turkey (all about how they found the plucked turkey very alive in the ice box that morning, the opening of his 1960's drive in dinner "first place in town with roller skating waitresses", and a ton more. Good times!

*lindsey said...

that is hilarious! what a fun grandpa.

Jenna said...

really cute and what a treasure to have!

Lorie said...

I miss our grandparents! :(

I think that is the worst part of living away from home is that my kids don't get to be around their grandparents (or mine)

jinxi~ aka angi said...


All of my Grandparents are now gone. and I miss them dearly!

I am lucky to have a Dad that will be very active in my kids lives.. I just wish we lived closer to him. :)

Delfina said...

That is very cute and funny.

Jennifer ♥ said...

That is super sweet! I have one grandma left but don't see her much because she lives in Iowa. Both sets of my grandparents were awesome. I barely knew my great grandparents.

Love his schedule ♥

Emily said...

We're super lucky to have 7 of the 8 (between Tom and I) still living. We get to eat dinner with one of them every Sunday even! I loved this post/letter-he is hilarious!