Monday, May 24, 2010

the pros and cons of fossil creek

We plan on having a rather low-key summer-vacation-wise that is.  Last year we went on so many trips and this year, we plan on, for the most part, staying close to home and keeping busy with library, swimming, summer movies, and other activities.

However we do have 3 camping trips planned.  The first one occurred this past weekend; it was just an over-nighter in a new place for us, Fossil Creek.  After a crazy long death-defying drive up and down a winding dirt road around the Camp Verde mountains, and getting turned around multiple times, we finally reached our destination.  (You won't see Cameron in any of these shots-he's visiting my parents up in Utah.)

I'm more of a lets-go-camp-in-the-pines kind of gal, so this deserty camping wasn't my cup of tea.  Plus, it was so dry, campfires were not allowed, and as everyone knows, the campfire is the best part about camping.

However, there was one plus to this place-the Creek.  We visited the creek 3 times while we were there and had more fun each and every time.


The first swimming hole was right near our campsite.  We could hear the creek from our tent.  Parts were slow and lazy, but once the water hit rocks it got very very fast.


And it was flippin' cold.


Dan went down this little waterfall where the creek kind of turns to white water.  It was really quick and he was amazed at how fast it carried him and pulled him down.

Which was why I fuh-reaked out when Ethan went down after him (unbeknownst to Dan) and went immediately underwater for several seconds.  He bobbed up on the other side of the white water-meanwhile we were screaming at Danny to turn around and save Ethan, but all he could hear was the water.  Fortunately he turned to see us pointing and grabbed Ethan before the river could take him away.


Ethan sustained this bruise from those meanie rapid rocks.  He's always the one to get hurt while we are camping.  Always.



I know it doesn't look like much here, but the fall provided a rather terrifying moment for me.



After learning the lesson that we all needed to stay away from the waterfall, we were able to have some fun.  See?  Proof I got in that frigid water.



DSCF5435 DSCF5437

Obligatory self-portrait. : )



Here's what our campsite looked like.  Notice, no pine trees!  

At approximately 9 at night, a truck full of campers parked about 20 feet from us, making noise and setting up camp.  At 9pm?!  Then, they woke us up laughing and talking at 4:30am.  I couldn't believe it.  Then they were up at the crack of dawn, one man singing obnoxiously loud at 7am.   Look, I'm all for having a good time, but when you know there are people around you sleeping. . .you owe them the common courtesy of quiet until people start waking up and moving around.  We've never had such rude camping neighbors before ever.  And it wasn't a bunch of youngsters either, it was middle aged people and kids; a family.  Rude.



The site of day two's swimming event, near the bridge.


Here, the water was very deep, about 12-14 feet or so.


DSCF5472 DSCF5480DSCF5475

Dan did lots and lots of this.



And this.  He had a blast, but couldn't get the kids to join him on the cliffs.



The scene of site three, as we were already packed up and heading home.


It was so pretty and the water so clear and clean.

Oh and also?  There was this:


A rope to swing on.  This ended up being their favorite place.



Unfortunately because there was so much shade here, it was a lot cooler.  I wasn't even in the water and I was cold.  I did a lot of this:


Hello fleshy fleshy fat legs and stumpy toes.

They, meanwhile, had a blast with lots of this:

DSCF5519 DSCF5522 DSCF5525 DSCF5528 DSCF5536DSCF5551So, the water was a definite plus for this camp site, but all the other reasons make it a place we likely won't come to more than once every couple of years or so.  It was still a nice getaway.


Jenna said...

That looks really fun, water makes all the difference!

Anonymous said...

COOOOOOOLLLLLLL, water makes a campsite that much more fun, of course being a pyro, I agree with you that the campfire is the best part!


Monica McCoy said...

What a fun place! Makes me want to go camping.

Christine #2 said...

Here's my idea, you need a second tent. Not a good one, it just needs to be able to be set up, then no one could come barge in cause there's no more room. Seriously rude I would have been ticked. I would have sent my scary hubbie to take care of it LOL

laurie b said...

what a fun camping trip - despite the cool water and rude neighbors (didn't you want to go over and give them a good talkin' to about manners!?!) i'm sure the kids had a great time and that's all they will remember. the water looks so clean and clear!!! a perfect way to start the summer.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Fun times.. I love all the monkeys swinging from the trees! hehee ;)

and ps: We are planning our vacation right now and I am steadfast against going anywhere NEAR water! There have already been several real bad accidents around here and I do not want to be involved in that at all.. plus I do not know how to swim so I would be on full panic momma mode the entire time.. hence stress=no fun for me. So trying to plan camping with swimming but somewhere safe or close to a pool or beach of some sort. haha

ps: I think you look GREAT.. fleshy thighs and all! :)

Emily said...

I hate camping but this makes me want to go. I would LOVE this place I think (I'm not attached to pine trees or camp fires) If Tom makes me go this summer I'm suggesting this place.

Delfina said...

I love to go camping...Steve not as mouch, lol. We hope to take the kids out this summer. But that looks like a great place.

wittygal said...

What a great start to summer. I can't wait to hear about more of your adventures.

Margee' said...

Yep! Camping is alot of fun, sure miss it!

Not sure what our summer has in store for us this year.