Tuesday, June 15, 2010

summer updates

Things have settled into a nice summery rhythm (like they were supposed to weeks ago thankyouverymuch!).

We've been eating the free breakfasts and lunches at the school--it's free for ages 0-18, anyone and everyone, it's better meals than I'd make and it gets us out of the house!

We've been swimming a lot as I've mentioned, at least twice a week at Wet n' Wild so that's fun. We try to get there early because the place gets really crowded really quick. Last Friday night however, we stayed late with our friends the Cavazos. The park was open til 10p for the Evening Movie Showing, so that was something different.

We've also been watching the weekly summer discount movies with friends. This one was Ice Age 3.

Tomorrow we take Ethan up to spend a week with my parents; this will be the first time he's had the chance and he is so excited. He's been asking, literally, for months when it would be his turn. In fact, most of his prayers lately include "and help me to be good at Grandma's house." Too cute.

Sean and Cameron have Cub Scout Day Camp this week for three days, so it's gonna be quiet around here! I'm excited for them; I think they're gonna have a great time with archery, the BB range, the pool, crafts, and games.

We've all gotten so into books this summer as well. By design, hee hee. I set a rule that they were allowed no electronics (movies, PS2, DS, computer) until they'd read at least 20 minutes each. They are also signed up for the library summer reading program, which Cameron and Sean are already done with, and Ethan should finish up in the next couple of days. It's been awesome to come into a room to find all of them reading, either aloud or to each other. Me too...I think I'm on my 8th book this month. :)

So, we're keeping busy. What are you doing with your summer?


leaner said...

Reading a lot here, too. The library summer programs are great in PHX. We loved last weeks Reptile Guy. This week is a puppet show.

Also loving the summer movie, although I am trying to find someone else to take them to see Ice Age 3 as I can. not. stand. Ray Ramono's (sp?) voice. It rubs me the wrong way. I have avoided seeing any of the Ice Age movies for that reason.

Next week I will sign the girls up for swim lessons, which will get us out of the house 4 days a week.

Attempting to plan a family vacay, but its not coming together easily due to Army crud. :( And the girls are doing workbooks every day- these Summer Bridge ones that are to bridge the gap between grades (For Gwennie its the Pre-K to K one, Rhayn is doing the 3-4 one and its been hard for her, and involves a lot of Mom-help.)

Delfina said...

Wow you have your hands full. Are you still going to school during the summer or on break?

Anonymous said...

Working on cars! Lots and lots of cars!!!


Dahlene said...

That's what summer's all about. We are doing a lot of reading, playing with toys in the bedrooms, jumping on the trampoline. I've also set rules to video games and computer time and it's been so nice. My 2 older ones are at scout camp this week. The younger ones are finishing week 2 of 2 swimming lessons. They are less than a block away since my neighbor got a pool and she is teaching lessons. It's nice not to have to drive them there. Wish we were there to join you for swimming and movie night!

wittygal said...

My boys are going to camp next week. They are really excited! Are you volunteering? I did all three days last time we went and it created quite the memories.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Great idea with the reading and no electronics. Great way to keep the ol brain active and keep the peace!

We are back from vacation and trying to get into a routine for sure!