Monday, July 5, 2010

in which we crash another ward's breakfast and parade

Really, they should just make us honorary members of our friends' ward because we attend nearly every ward activity.  And have so much fun doing it!

This time, up for your viewing pleasure, the pancake breakfast and 4th of July Bike Parade.

I ate fruit.

  DSCF5900 DSCF5903 DSCF5904 DSCF5905

We totally forgot we were supposed to decorate the bikes, so the red and blue capes served as our color for the parade.  And our contribution to heat stroke.


DSCF5917 DSCF5907 DSCF5909

These two talked shop talk.  :)

DSCF5910 DSCF5911 DSCF5913

Not sure who's in the little car, but Dan ended up pushing him for the duration of the parade.

DSCF5915  DSCF5918 DSCF5921 DSCF5923

I don't know who these last two kids were, but they were super cute!


Anonymous said...

I love are country! Fireworks and root beer and family, aaaahhhhhh life doesn't get any better!


laurie b said...

looks like fun! we used to have bike parades when i was a kid but i haven't seen or heard of one since - glad they are still around.

Jenna said...

That's awesome! I wish our ward did some 4th of July hoopla.

Christine #2 said...

West Point loves you guys!! Dan was pushing around the Activity Chair's little guy...good times!!