Wednesday, July 7, 2010

most lately uploaded on my ipod

Viva the return of music!

"Jar of Hearts" -- Christina Perri (this one is great to belt on the piano too!)

"Animal" -- Neon Trees (thanks, Ashley)

"If You Only Knew" -- Shinedown (this guy kinda looks like Meatloaf, but if you don't look at him, it's a rather enjoyable song and video)

"If It's Love" -- Train

"Poker Face" -- Glee featuring Idina Menzel

"Faithfully" -- Glee

"Bohemian Rhapsody" -- Glee (my kids' favorite right now...and Queen comes full circle--though they haven't heard or seen this version that has Quinn's baby's birth scene in it, lol)

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" -- Glee

"Loser" -- Glee (yes, you can see I'm still on my Glee kick. Summer's hiatus will put a stop to that)

"I Never Told You" -- Colbie Callait (my goodness that girl is beautiful)

"Undo It" -- Carrie Underwood

"I Pray For You" (the he-version) -- Jaron and the Long Road Home (check this one out, it's funny) And for some reason, there are two official videos for this song. This is the her-version.

"Cooler Than Me" -- Mike Posner

What have you been listening to?


breeee said...

LOL Meatloaf is horrible looking.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap he DOES look like Meatloaf, you totally ruined Shinedown for me, I knew there was a reason I don't watch the videos!


jinxi~ aka angi said...

Ive been listening to Pandora Radio at work. Its about the only time I get to :( But I listen to the Easy Listening channel and it has lots of Bert Bacharach and Frank Sinatra.. love it! Makes my day happy and jazzy!
ps: I was on a Glee kick not too long ago.. they have a Glee station on AOLradio ;)

Thanks for sharing your list.. Im going to check these out!