Monday, July 19, 2010

sean's big day

Sean had a birthday this weekend and can now claim 11 full years on this spinning rock in the sky.  I thought that with his extra age and maturity, I'd allow him to write the following post about his birthday.  And now I give you, Sean's blogpost:


Hi. My name is Sean. Saturday, July 17th, was my 11th birthday. For dinner, my family and a couple friends went to Red Robin. These are a couple pictures and comments about it.


My grandma, brother and Sophie.


Harley is one of my favorite babies ever. She does SUPER cute things. Like she's smiling/playing with her father.


Me, dad, mom and Cameron, my brother, played a game on the back of our cup holders. It's kinda like battleship. (E2, a6, d1, etc)


In case you're wondering, that red line is the string of his balloon.


My mom  had to take a picture of herself. Or as she says,"I'm beautiful. People have to see my pretty face." Uh, people don't always have to.



Yes. Me!! With my very, own, delicious ice cream. With a cherry on top! :)




My brother, Ethan, kept taking some of my ice cream. MINE!! >:( I kept telling him to stop! But he's a rotten thief! >:(



There was also a cake. Delicious! It had oreo's, ice cream, cake, (duh), and chocolate and caramel syrup at the bottom.




And of course my presents.


From my grandma, I got a CTR tack for my tie.


I also got the last 3 books of the Percy Jackson series from my other friends. That completes my collection! ( I don't have a shirt on because I was getting ready for bed when they took this photo.)

Also, I will open the rest of my presents on July 27 when I have a birthday party with a friend who is out of town right now.

Thank you for reading my little blogpost. I hope you enjoyed it. ;)


Wiggy said...

Happy birthday Sean. Looks like you had a great day :)

Anonymous said...

Nice! Happy birthday Sean!


Jennifer ♥ said...

Great blogpost Sean! Looks like a fun birthday. Red Robin is awesome :)

Jenna said...

No way, 11??? Happy Birthday!

Christine #2 said...

I love it!!! Of course I would, duh...

leaner said...

I love this idea for birthdays! LOVE it! Also July 15-17 is a great time for birthdays! I know so many with those days of birth.

You should let him write blog posts more often!

Liz said...

How sweet is that to cute and a Happy birthday to him.

Amanda said...

What a fun birthday & great post Sean! Yes, your mom is beautiful!! Happy Birthday!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Happy Birthday Sean... looks like you had an awesome time!