Friday, July 30, 2010

sean turns 11

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Well Sean's actually been 11 for almost 2 weeks now, but he was finally able to have his 11th birthday party! We took a couple of friends and played at Wet 'n' Wild all day; it was great for me. With three 11 year olds off on their own, I read, napped, laid in the sun, read, and napped some more. Oh, and I drank lots of Diet Coke. Which kept me awake the next morning until about 2am. It's give and take, people.

Anyway, back to Sean. I didn't take any pics at the water park because it's just too hard to get good shots, but here are some from his party.


He had consumed a blue raspberry snow cone at the water park just an hour earlier-gotta love the blue lips and tongue immortalized in the birthday pictures! :)


DSCF6394 DSCF6397


We got him the roller blades----and he's already really good at using them!



Two games from Grandma, one of them being quite a happy surprise.

DSCF6406 DSCF6407

Kiddo wanted triple chocolate brownies for his cake. The kids really made my birthday-cake-making job easy this year. And holy cow was this yummy. I immediately gave away half to the neighbors so I wouldn't be tempted by its ooey gooey goodness.


Two matchstick ghetto candles to symbolize 11. I didn't realize I didn't have two "1" candles-and why would I? I've never needed two "1"'s before!


Happy birthday Sean! We love you so much!


Dahlene said...

Happy Birthday Sean! I can't believe he's 11. Next year will be his BIG year. He will be a deacon. Amazing! I LOVE the BLUE lips.

laurie b said...

happy (a little late) birthday, sean!!! you have grown so much since second grade. :-) it sounds like it a great way to celebrate with some fun friends (i recognize those faces!)

Anonymous said...

Blue lips! Was he kissing a smurf?


wittygal said...

Next year they will be passing sacrament. I can hardly believe it. BOYS SCOUTS! When did this happen?

jinxi~ aka angi said...

I love the pic of the whole crew! He is growing up soooo fast, I cant believe 11. What a great kid! Happy belated to him!