Thursday, August 26, 2010

how would you spend $150, just for fun?

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What would you do with $150? And forget the practical kids-need-new-shoes-and-my-vacuum-cleaner-is-dying business. Just for fun, where would you spend the money?

Seriously in my dieting condition, I think I'd spend it all on dining out! I'd have a hard time picking between mexican food, chinese buffet, or soup/salad/breadsticks at my favorite places. Although $150 worth of dessert sounds lovely...donuts? ice cream? 300 candy bars?

*can you tell I'm a little bit hungry right now?*

Where would you spend it?


Dahlene said...

If I had $150 to spend on myself I would overhaul my wardrobe. It seems like I wear the same things all the time and I'm getting sick of it. They say we wear 20% of our clothing 80% of the time. That is so true for me. I would love to go through my closet and get rid of those things I hardly ever wear and go find some clothes that I will love and wear happily all the time. I've recently lost some weight and feel good about the size I'm in now. It would be the perfect time to have an extra $150!

leaner said...

If I was going out to eat, we'd do the Melting Pot. Mmmmmmmmmmm, cheese fondue and dessert. I think I'd skip the main course, unless their tour one was good.
I might also buy some really nice maternity jeans. I have one pair and although I do love them, that will not last the winter.

Casey Lu said...

I would probably either spend it on scrappy stuff, decor stuff, or on clothes and shoes for myself. :)
P.S. I am hungry too! Since I can't exercise at all I am dieting or well trying to.

jolene's spot said...

I would probably spend it on clothes or mac makeup... or olive garden because there "never-ending pasta bowl" is back and it is sooo good:)

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Isnt it funny how we equate celebrations of any kind as treating ourselves to food? :)

Anyway.. I too would go out for a NICE steak dinner. YUM..
a movie {my choice} w/popcorn..
pedicure and nails

and well $150.00 doesnt get a high-maintenance girl very far does it ;) hehee.. but it'd sure be fun!!!

Delfina said...

Anything I can find for myself would be great! Haven't treat myself to anything in a long time. Its always for someone else.