Tuesday, August 24, 2010

that's a lot of carbs. . .

Is what I think when I see this pile of 72-hour kits that I worked on today.


I've been meaning to buy food and put these together for a while.  We like to have a 72-hour kit containing food for three days as well as clothing, flashlight, mini first aid kit, etc etc along the lines of being prepared.  You never know if you'll need to flee your home due to some natural disaster or event-or be stuck in your home for the same reason.  These give me a little bit of peace of mind that we'll at least be able to eat for 3 days in an emergency.


I made 5, and these ended up costing around $12 each or so, so not bad.  Next I'm on the look-out for pilot luggage bags with wheels to put everything into.  I couldn't find any at the price I wanted just yet, so I'll do some shopping around.


At least it kept my Monday busy.  : )

Anyone have any ideas for today?


Jenna said...

Way to go! We need to update ours badly!

Christine #2 said...

Today reading Mockingjay and rehearsal. Great job on the kits!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Do they all have the same expiration date?
Cool idea! :)

Tuesday at 4.22 in the afternoon here.. so now I'll have to wait until tomorrow to hear what you did today ;) hehee

laurie b said...

what a good idea. i don't think i will ever be that organized. i'm sure you thought of something creative to do today. :-)

Dahlene said...

Good job! We update ours every October Conference. The kids get to eat everything they want out of them and I replenish it over the next few weeks. This way I know what goes stale quickly and what the kids will eat. I am going through closets this week and getting rid of things we never use or will never miss.

Casey Lu said...

I need to do this again as the kids ate everything that was edible out of ours. I had them all packed in backpacks and everything. Any suggestions on what to put in them? What did you put in yours?