Friday, August 6, 2010

we just filled a week's worth of crazy into one day

Yesterday, Dan's last day off before shift, we all woke up with our to-do lists, but we had no idea it would end up being quite the Day of Disasters.

First off, just the busy stuff:

Dan weeded and mowed the backyard in the 111 degree heat.

I had to go to 4 stores just to get everything on my grocery list. I hate that.

Dan fixed a dragging undercarriage in our van-I guess the Honda Odysseys have this factory flaw. Fortunately, he WAS able to fix it.

While under the car, he went ahead and changed the oil.

He decided while filthy to go ahead and change the oil on the truck; however the dealership had changed the oil last, and as many of you know, they put the new oil filters on so stinkin' tight, that you need machinery to get it off. After working with it for about half an hour (in the 111 degree heat), his grip slipped and he cut a huge gouge into his thumb. So blood and oil started going all over the place. (Next time hon, PLEASE just spend the extra $5 to have the pros do it, it's not worth the hassle)

Cleaned up from that, we noticed water leaking in our garage. . . we thought from the freezer. Nope, ended up being from the hot water heater. Oh joys! We've had the same one since we moved in 8 years ago, so I guess it was due. Did some research, made some calls, made a $315 trip to The Home Depot, and had our friend James come over to help us replace it. Relatively straight-forward work, but awkward since the tanks are so heavy. (thanks again James, you rock!)

DSCF6433DSCF6438 DSCF6439 DSCF6444 DSCF6445

Next we had Meet-The-Teacher night to attend. I took Ethan alone (since he's the hardest to control out in public. . . I seriously need a leash) and then left him at home with Dad while I went back to the school with the other two.

While I was gone, Ethan and Dad went for a bike ride. Ethan wrecked pretty hard and injured the inside of his ankle bone. He was hobbling around on it ok, so we were 90% certain it wasn't broken, but it was swollen and he was definitely in a lot of pain. We went back and forth regarding if he needed an ER visit or not, and in the end we decided to wait it out. This morning, he was still pretty swollen and still wouldn't let anyone touch it, so I took him to Urgent Care. $38 and 3 xrays later (not bad, huh?, gotta love the actual Cigna Centers!) diagnosis is, just a contusion, no fractures. Whew.


It really would have stunk to have him start school in a cast!

Oh also yesterday, we were getting ready for Sean's first Boy Scout campout which happens today and tomorrow! Crazy day, right?! I am so grateful that Dan was home when all this happened-particularly the hot water heater fiasco and the bike wreck. Could have ended up much worse.


leaner said...

Our water heater went out not too long ago. We ended up spending the money to buy the lame pan to put under it so that if it leaks again at least it won't ruin that little drywall pedestal it lives on.

By the way, your day sound craptacular.

Monica McCoy said...

Holy Sha-moly! You guys rock.

Anonymous said...

Jeez lousie! Louzy day, if it makes you feel any better, my day was great!!


Jennifer ♥ said...

I hope your next few weeks are drama-free, stress-free, injury-free - you deserve it! :)

laurie b said...

well, i'm glad you got that bad day out of the way so that the rest of the school year will be crisis-free!!! :-)

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Wow when it rains it pours!!! Im so glad Ethan is ok!
What a day!

Dahlene said...

arrrhhhh! You need a trip to Disneyland after that kind of day. I'll bet you are glad it's over, and is good that Dan was there to share it with you.