Monday, September 13, 2010

down. . .set. . .hike. . .? I guess?


I only say that because this is our first experience with a kiddo playing Flag Football, and I know next to nothing about it.  I don't know how to cheer, I don't know what to yell, other than "Get the flag!  Get the flag!"  Cameron's generally a wide-receiver (I guess?  what is that anyway?) so I'm not exactly sure what it is he does other than block the other team, but it seems like that is everyone's job except for the quarterback who usually runs the ball. 


I guess all but one kid on this team are brand new players, so it'll be an interesting season.  Actually, they were only one touchdown from winning this one, got really close. 


Cameron had fun, and it wasn't too unbearably hot, only 97 so it wasn't completely miserable.  Again, I'm not really sure what's going on in these pictures, I just tried to make sure to always get him in the middle of the shot.  :)


So, this is what our Saturdays will look like for the next 8 weeks or so.  Just think, if I'd had any girls, I could be spending this time indoors cheering on ballet recitals.  "Plie!!  Pirouette!!"


Great job, Cowboys!



jinxi~ aka angi said...

Fun times! Have a great season!!!

Dahlene said...

I'm in the same boat as you with knowing rules for flag football. Fortunately, my boys aren't interested in football. I'm all for soccer and Haikedo. I hope you have a fun season!

OneHappyfamily said...

Flag footy is the best! Have a good season! Oh and congrats on the job. How is that working out so far?

Lorie said...

I loved the flag football team my son was on last year. The rules vary big time from league to league though. Our coach didn't even know them half of the time, but they had fun.