Tuesday, September 7, 2010

labor day vacation to honor heather's labor day

In other words, we just spent 4 days in California visiting family in honor of my sister-in-law's family and their brand new twin boys.  How sweet are these guys?!

DSCF6636Incidentally, this is how Sean could be found most of the weekend.  He loved those little babies so much!  (and they took quite well to him too!)

Now I have to apologize to Heather, but for most of these shots, I'm not sure if we've got Jordan or Joey-I'm sure she knows-but just know that whoever it is we're holding, we're so happy they are in our family and growing strong!  (6 weeks old and at about 7 lbs right now)

I wasn't very good at taking pictures this year-really only one day worth-but here are some of the best of the bunch.


I took this one in the middle of church.  Don't judge.  It was just so sweet.  Uncle Jason gave the boys beautiful blessings, and both so different.  He later bore his testimony (and so did Cameron) so it was a lovely Sacrament meeting.


Here's the whole group!  Lots of grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins in there!


Great Grandma with the boys.


Grandma and Grandpa's turn.  This is Dan's Dad. . . can you see the family resemblance?


And our little family, all looking (or not looking) at different cameras.


All 15 grandkids.  Isn't this a great shot?  You can certainly see some personality in there!


The stars of the weekend.  (and guess what, they're not even identical twins, they're fraternal!  crazy huh?)


I think I have Jordan. . . ?


This little sweetheart was quite a star of the weekend as well!  (she and Sean got along really well too!)  She's grown so big and so cute since we attended her baby blessing in San Diego last March!

Next up, some swimming!  I didn't get pics of everyone, but just about. . .

 DSCF6599 DSCF6600 DSCF6601 DSCF6602 DSCF6607 DSCF6611 DSCF6612 DSCF6615

And then some diving and launching. . .

DSCF6616 DSCF6617 Brianna totally looks like she's walking on water after this launch!

DSCF6619 DSCF6623  DSCF6632

We finished up by breaking in the firepit and making smores.  Mine were made out of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups (thanks, Lorie, I finally did it and they were divine!!) and ohhhh my gosh.  No joke, I gained 6lbs this weekend!

We had a fabulous time!  Not pictured, attending the kids' football games, babysitting the twins, huge delicious lunch at Heather's, dove hunting for all the guys, pizza at Me and Ed's, and more.

What did you do this past Labor Day weekend?

**also shout-out to my AZ sister-in-law Kelly who had her second baby this past week.  Madi was born on Tuesday and already weighs more than Joey and Jordan!**


jinxi~ aka angi said...

wow.. all the babiessss ;)
Your son is a natural for sure! He is going to make a great Daddy someday!

I loved all the pics and the huge family pic. Also, your father in law.. very handsome...striking in fact!

ps: I love your necklace {the pic of you holding a twin}

Monica McCoy said...

So cute! What a fun trip!

Jennifer ♥ said...

Those pictures of the baby boys made my heart melt!! I can't wait to hold my own little guy next month.

My hubby painted the nursery this weekend - all three days. It's looks great. We're getting closer (41 days!).

Christine #2 said...

So cool!! Swimming with Ben and Jess and last rehearsal for the show. Looks like you had a blast!

Jenna said...

Those are adorable babies!

laurie b said...

oh, i just love babies! thanks for all the cute shots of the newbies in your family. i'm glad you had such a memorable weekend.

Stephanie O'Dea said...

Oh what a beautiful family! I love great big group pictures like that.
You look fantastic, BTW.

Delfina said...

Those are adorable babies! Such a beautiful family. It looked like a fun weekend, Glad everyone is home safe and sound.

Margee' said...

They remind me of when my twins were born, it's been almost 36 years ago!