Friday, October 15, 2010

redonkulous random ramblings

I suppose I should update.

Though lots is going on, nothing is going on, if you know what I mean.

Hubby's 35th birthday was yesterday--which he worked--so we haven't celebrated yet. In fact, it's been hard to find a time to celebrate at all because by Monday he'll have worked a total of 106 hours in one week! Crazy times. He's had some good shifts, some bad, and just got a brand new partner because his former EMT went on to become a paramedic.

All my boys have been pretty busy with homework. What's the world coming to when it takes a 6 year old over 30 minutes to do homework each night...after being in school 7 hours straight? I just don't feel it's right, but it is what it is. Seriously, Ethan has more than Sean, my 11 year old! Cameron has lots too, but he generally does the bulk of it on Mondays so he gets it done and over with early in the week.

Sean auditioned and made the cut for the Winter Variety Show at the school. He's playing piano and singing a song that I wrote. Which is in a word: surreal. I'm very proud of him!

Ethan's had seriously horrible behavior this week at school--not so much at home, but really really bad at school. We've taken away pretty much all privileges and incentives and are moving on to punishments. It's like a dejavu of Cameron's kindergarten year! Well, I take that back, it isn't really a deja vu of Cameron. By Christmas, Cameron had been to the principal's office nine times, and Ethan hasn't made it once. But he gets his card flipped a couple times a week, and sometimes a couple times a day, like this week!

No scouts for either boy this week, due to one thing or another, but Cameron did have football practice which I'm enjoying more now that I've made a friend in one of the other moms. Just so happens she's Deaf, so we chat throughout the whole practice and pay absolutely no attention to our children. It's awesome. It's been good for my sign language skills...I haven't spoken with a Deaf person since Ethan was born.

I worked and cleaned and read and bought birthday presents and caught up on Season 3 of "So You Think You Can Dance". Ha. I baked pumpkin bread for the first time (thanks for the awesome recipe, CC!), I've got 2 mosquito bites in really weird places (I guess I blame football practice the other night?) and tonight Danny and Cameron are going camping overnight with the Cub Scouts and I haven't planned one thing.

Oh, and I am officially down 30lbs since May, as of this morning. How rad is that?!

But enough about me--how was your week? Do anything good? Got anything planned for the weekend? I think we're gonna have a fun one. Deets on that Monday!


leaner said...

Its been a busy week for us.
Part of the reason I chose the school Rhayn is at was the homework (or lack thereof until 3-4th grade).

Although I think with Gwennie we'll start pushing reading a little earlier.

Dahlene said...

Your kids are so mellow. I find it hard to believe Ethan is always in trouble at school. He must be bored.
Way to go Sean on the audition. That is cool he is playing a song you wrote Amie!
It sounds like your life is much like ours. We are always busy, but not much is going on.
Poor Danny. I can't believe his work hours. That is nuts. I hope he's making good money to make up for the lost time at home.
Way to go on the 30 pound weight loss! Awesome.

Jaime said...

Congrats on your weight loss Amie...that's awesome!!

Delfina said...

Congrats on your weight loss Amie. I think with all the stress I'm putting it on. Luckly I'm still able to fit in my close. Same stuff this week just hopefuly a better one next week. We will see. (:

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Awesome work Amie! So proud of you! You look amazing!

Im trying to catch up. October went by in a flash! Im in a daze. :)