Thursday, October 28, 2010

we love spirit week!

This is spirit week at school.  We've had pajama Day, Black-Out Day, today is Sports Day, and a couple of days ago we had Crazy MisMatch/Crazy Hair day.  This one was so fun!  Basically we just picked out a bunch of clothes that looked horribly together, mismatched some socks and shoes, and we were good to go! 

Sean's hair was easier to have more fun with because of its length.

 DSCF6866 DSCF6868  


Cameron started with puff balls in his hair, but they didn't stay in, so he ended up with a multicolored bandana on.



Ethan's hair is super short right now, and I didn't feel like coloring it, so I wrapped this black scarf around his head pirate style.  Not sure why he's being a 'bat' in this picture, but he actually enjoyed looking like a pirate and kept it on most of the day until the kids in his class kept pulling it off.



keri said...

I love that your boys are not afraid to participate! My two always "talk big" but when it comes right down to it they won't do a thing?!? To self conscience I guess? Darn! Your boys look fabulous!

laurie b said...

yes, spirit week has been fun. and interesting. i'm not sure our new administration is thrilled with the concept so this may be our last one for awhile. your kids look so cute! sean asked several dignified questions to mr. black at our nehs meeting on tuesday, even with his hair up like that!

Dahlene said...

We love spirit week too! One year Jayden put about 10 pigtails all over his head. His hair was longer at the time like Sean's. He had a great time that day. Very cute!

Sher said...

haha! so fun! spirit week definitely breaks the norm of boring school! I bet that was so fun to help your boys do that!