Tuesday, November 30, 2010

gobble till ya wobble

Like many of you, Thanksgiving was a 4 day event over here.  We had family in town and much planned.  Here are some of my favorite shots from our Turkey Day.

 IMG_0798 IMG_0799From what I heard, the kids' table was the place to be.

 IMG_0800 Though this table is pretty cute too.


IMG_0801 IMG_0802 IMG_0803

Made it to Cabella's FOUR times and the Bass Pro Shop once.  Have I mentioned my brother-in-law is rather sporty?

 IMG_0804 IMG_0805 Kids made a fun train.


IMG_0807 IMG_0813 IMG_0818 These cousins had so much fun together--four boys from four different families.


IMG_0820 IMG_0821 IMG_0824 I started to feel a little better (from my cold) about half-way thru Friday.


IMG_0826 The missionaries gave a little spiritual thought that was very sweet.


IMG_0835She doesn't get too emotional about things, but she's a cutie.

 IMG_0837 And she has a new little sister hiding under the blanket.


IMG_0845 IMG_0846 Pie:  yum.


IMG_0851 IMG_0853IMG_0860 Rousing games of Spoons and BS were crazy and loud and sooo fun!


IMG_0854 IMG_0855

We love spending time with our family!


laurie b said...

i love your blog's new holiday look!

glad you had such a nice holiday and felt well enough to enjoy it.

Our Family said...

So much fun! But went by way too fast. I want to do it again!

Danny said...

She is a cutie in that picture, but what do you mean she doesn't get too emotional? It seems like she is always crying or whining about....Oh wait... you meant Emma.

Jenna said...

Oh that baby is SO cute! Looks like a great time!

Anonymous said...

Hey you updated the blog look, cool. Nice new pic. I've been reading all your blogs when I get a minute, just haven't been very local lately. You know how that goes, getting busy with life. Laterz