Thursday, November 25, 2010

gratitude day 22, teeth, cam's poetry recital, and happy thanksgiving!

This one was pretty easy:

IMG_0676 IMG_0678 The Halloween candy is finally gone--though it did take longer than I thought to get through it all--but we still took some pictures of our teeth brushing last night.


IMG_0680 IMG_0685

IMG_0686 IMG_0687 Got this cute shot only by tickling him.


IMG_0690 This is more his style.


IMG_0691 IMG_0692

I'm grateful for teeth because they allow us to eat.  'Nuff said.


Yesterday was a seriously busy day running errands, grocery shopping, reactivating an old phone with my current number (however it has no numbers stored in it, so if you want to be in my cell phone, will you please call me or email me with your number so I can store it?  Thanks!), making treats, prepping for Turkey Day, setting up the Christmas tree, 2 baseball games, and more.  In the afternoon, Cameron's class and all the other 3rd grades performed their annual poetry recital.  Here is his class's part.  I thought they performed it well.

I meanwhile, have caught a cold.  I went to bed in a nyquil-induced coma.  Blah.

Happy Thanksgiving Day everybody!  We'll be watching the parade today, cooking, eating, and hopefully delivering some food to Dan while on shift.

To all my friends and family, we love you!


Danny said...

How come all our cute kids look like you and our goofy kid looks like me? What is up with that, Chad?

Christine said...

Happy turkey day - Gobble Gobble :) I'm here protecting the world from debit card fraud - woo hoo!!!!!!! Hope you feel better soon friend.

Delfina said...

Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving with your family.