Friday, November 19, 2010

we missed a day!

Well, too bad, yesterday we just weren't able to get to our selection for the 25 Days of Gratitude.

I went to my sister-in-law's baby shower which took up the better part of the evening including the travel, etc. It was so fun...I hadn't seen her pregnant yet, and she's due in January! The first granddaughter on my side of the family and the first cousin for my boys on my side of the family too. So fun. Girl stuff is so much more fun than boy stuff!

She's had a really rough pregnancy--lost 18 lbs before she finally started feeling better and gained back some of her weight at about 4.5 months--and this is likely going to be the first and last for them, but I'm glad she's doing better and gonna provide us with a little niece to play with. Just wish they were closer. They live on the complete opposite side of the valley from us. I mean literally, about 2 hours away. Phoenix is so big and spread out!

In other news, we're busy busy with scouts, baseball, and school school school. I start nursing school in just less than 2 months; time is gonna fly! But I'm so looking forward to it!

We hope to catch up tomorrow and do 2 Gratitude picks, or maybe we'll just extend our advent a day or two past Thanksgiving. I think the boys will be a little disappointed when we're done!


Christine said...

I didn't know they were preggers, how exciting!!!!!!

In other news I put together cranberry recipes for you tonight, I'll email them when I get home in the morning :)

leaner said...

It is a big valley! We're in the southern middle, and it seems a decent place to be (about an hour or so to either side of the valley)

Little girls are very exciting. All those frilly dresses and pretty bows.

Jenna said...

Girls are fun!