Tuesday, December 28, 2010

what we actually did on christmas day

For us it was kind of like any other day, because Dan was working, so we asked Santa Claus to wait a day and visit us on Saturday night.

With Dan on shift, we still tried to make things a bit special. We had some yummy pancakes with whatever toppings the kids wanted (chocolate chips and syrup always win out).

We made white chocolate peppermint bark popcorn. Recipe to follow! It was pretty dang tasty and I don't like peppermint!

We ate gobs of junk food. We do this a few times a year, LDS General Conference weekend, New Year's Day, and this year, on Christmas.

All our picks are in there--the brownies are mine, ice cream is Ethan's, hot cheetos are Cam's, cheese puffs are Sean's, and Dan wanted popcorn (thus the peppermint bark popcorn recipe).

I just look the other way and ignore the damage it's likely doing to my children's teeth and stomachs. We don't do it all that often and they had a blast with it, eating junk and watching favorite movies.

The kids all played with their new toys from the previous week. Cameron put together this grasshopper (cricket?) K'nex toy.

I continued work on the kitchen project and spray painted to my heart's content. I'd say we're just about half-way at this point.

We called all the grandparents to wish them a Merry Christmas and hung out in our pajamas most of the day.

Later, we went to see Dan at work and took him some goodies too.

It wasn't a bad day, but it was a little weird to think that everyone else in the world was opening presents and having 'real' Christmas. Ours just came a day later! :)

I will leave you with this video--Cameron wanted to show you all how his new toy works. Forget the digital and motorized parts, this one he had to put together and move by hand! Surprisingly, he really likes it and had fun creating it.


Jan Garber said...

Just how many days are the boys awake after that? LOL! I wouldn't have the energy to keep up! Bless your heart! Happy holidays!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Ultra cool.

And being divorced.. we've had to switch around Santa coming and reschedule and when he comes here or goes there. Looks like a ton of fun no matter the circumstance!

Margee' said...

For 27 years, Rudy worked shift work and we always celebrated birthdays and holidays on different days than they should have been. You just learn to adjust.

Dahlene said...

I'm glad you still had a fun Christmas Day. It would be fun to spread it out a bit, even if it's off schedule a bit.