Friday, January 7, 2011

shrek: the musical


Tuesday night we drove out to Gammage and saw Shrek: the Musical for the first time.


It was really a lot of fun, as I knew this show was going to be.


Lots of humor and laughs, great songs, super talent! This was the first time we have taken Cameron to one of the Broadway shows and he did great.


Some of the coolest parts were when they used puppets for special effects. For example, the big dragon in the story is a puppet and uses 4 or 5 puppeteers dressed in black who walk around beneath it, lifting sticks and pulleys to move the wings, body, tail, mouth, eyes, etc. Very cool effect!

Another is Lord Farquad: the actor walks around on his knees with teeny fake legs attached to the front of his suit, to make him look small. It's really a fun part for the audience to see how he uses or doesn't use his legs in the play.

Also fun are the few nods to other Broadway plays, The Lion King and Wicked come to mind, I'm sure there were others. Lots of fun for the family!Here are some fun Youtube clips from the show.


Anonymous said...

We went to The Forgotten Carols before Christmas with her family. It was a lot of fun.


laurie said...

sounds like a great show! i wish i could take my nephews (they live in denver) because i know they would love it.

leaner said...

Your sweater made me giggle. You would have to wear a green one to a musical about green ogres... Gwennie asked me if we could go see it. I sadly told her no. :( But maybe next time it comes. I know she would be really bored if I did take her.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that is where Scott and Jaxin are right now..... He always gives her something for Christmas that they can do together and Shrek was it for this year! Looks like its a good one! So fun for your boys :) Your such a great Mom!

Lorie said...

A bunch of girls in my ward went and saw it and now I wish I would have gone!!

OneHappyfamily said...

So what did you think of Tangled? You rock taking them from school and letting them eat out all day on their birthday... Can I be your kid?