Monday, January 3, 2011

two cars in the shop in one week

First, our catalytic converter went out on our mini-van. The thing IS ten years old, and I wish we could just trade it in, but other than a few aesthetic flaws, it's fine. Well, other than the C.C. biting the dust. The weird thing is, we had just gotten a refund check from our mortgage company (because our escrow account had a surplus) totalling the exact amount of the repairs. We were going to just put the money right back into the mortgage, but the universe had other plans.

Then, one morning last week, while Dan was getting ready to leave work for the day, his partner came in and said, "I need to give you my insurance information."

Yep, the guy had side-swiped our truck as he was leaving the parking lot! Poor guy, I actually felt bad for him--imagine how embarrassed he probably was. And his car was torn up even worse.

Here's what our truck looked like right after the oopsie:

Sadly, not on the same side that we got rear-ended (small hit-and-run) last month. It looks a lot worse in person. Oh well, at least this repair won't cost anything and we'll get a rental in the meantime, which is usually fun.

Never a dull moment!


Jenna said...

Oh poor guy! That's too bad it's not on the same always seems to work out that way huh?

Lorie said...

I am glad that he wasn't in the truck so that there was no chance of him being hurt!!

laurie said...

car trouble is so annoying! i hope you are back on the road with both cars soon.

OneHappyfamily said...

Ouch! Car repairs stink! I would rather repair than make payments though right?