Wednesday, March 2, 2011

book butterfly reviews -- february

Only 2 this month, unless you count the 400lbs of school books I'm currently reading and schlepping to and from class each day.  True story:  I emptied out my rolling scrapbooking tote and replaced all my pretty papers and embellies with boring school books and 3-ring binders.  Just too much to carry each day and I was starting to get perma-knots in my shoulders.  Dear world of scrapbooking:  some day I will return to you, but it may be a while, so please don't wait up.

Two for the Dough (Stephanie Plum, #2)

"Two for the Dough" (Stephanie Plum book #2) by Janet Evanovich  liked it (my current rating)liked it (my current rating)liked it (my current rating)

We enjoyed reading this (edited) out loud again. It took us a while to get through it, but we have fun reading books together. :) I heard that the next book isn't as good, but we're curious enough to try it anyway.


Rachel and Leah: Women of Genesis (Women of Genesis (Forge))

"Rachel and Leah" (Women of Genesis) by Orson Scott Card liked it (my current rating)liked it (my current rating)liked it (my current rating)

I didn't realize under the Afterword that this is one of a series (just about smack dab in the middle as per the author's intentions), I'll have to go pick up "Sarah" and "Rebekah" if I can find them in my library.

This was a really interesting read...I'm a little rusty on Biblical women and stories in general, so I'm not sure how much is taken from actual events--but I did enjoy the book and learning about the amazing women of this time period.

And that's about it.  :p  You didn't want me to add my "Fluid & Electrolytes For Dummies" did you?

What are you reading?


laurie said...

i'm still reading a book i started in january! it is so good but i just can't seem to get through it - maybe it is growing pages while i sleep!

Jan Garber said...

Sorry to hear you have "emptied" your days and your tote of scrapbook stuff! I know it is only temporary, but we will miss you! Please return to us soon! In the meantime, you go girl!