Monday, March 21, 2011

game {night} on!!

So after the vigorous hike in the snow we settled down for some serious game time.


The first game of choice for the evening was Balderdash, which I had played once and stunk at.  So I admit I was not really looking forward to it.


You make up definitions for real usually-unheard-of-words, and then vote on who's sounds like the right definition.


Dahlene and I kinda dominated this one!


Something else she dominates at?  Making these delicious cookies.

IMG_1854  I know.  Seriously.


There was a lot of this going on!


While we played our games, the boys were livin' it up in the hot tub. 


40-50 degrees outside, but the water was a balmy 102.  They were lovin' it.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Sean was kicking our butts at Qwirkle--a different game we'd never played before.  He ended up just barely losing to the master, Jayden, but it was a fun game.



IMG_1885Ya can't win them all, hon.  :)

Later, Dahlene fattened us up with huge tacos, more cookies and then a huge waffle breakfast in the morning!!  We sure didn't suffer for good eats this trip!

Thanks so much to Matt and Dahlene for a fun quick visit.  We had a really good time and picked up right where we left off 5 1/2 years ago when they moved away.

Next up:  Cousin Time!


Jenna said...

Oh so much fun, what a great trip!

Mark and Jessica said...

Sounds like your spring break was a bit similiar to ours - time in the snow and lots of family games! Love times like that.

laurie said...

i love game nights and this post reminds me that it is time to plan one soon! the cookies look so soft and yummy.

Dahlene said...

That was a great game night. I wish you could have stayed longer. Those cookies do look good. I may have to make some more soon!

Liz said...

Sounds like a lot of fun.

heather said...

how fun. I want to play with Dahlene!

Emily said...

I just caught up with your trip. It sounded like fun and the views were amazing. It's great that you got to take a "real" trip (someone how visiting parents is just different. Wonderful and fun, just different.