Thursday, March 10, 2011

my first psychotic break

Well yesterday did me in.

After weeks of studying and attending study groups, reading reading reading, doing online companion studies, making outlines, using notecards, and feeling that I did just about everything I could do for my third test of the semester, I sat down to fail a PreTest (ungraded) literally getting a 50%.

I could feel the waterworks coming on and had to leave class and go have a sob fest in the bathroom. And sadly, I am just not one of those 'pretty' know, those girls that have like one glistening tear and look all romantic and tragic, yet beautiful as the tears fall?

Nope, I get all splotchy and red and sniffly and wrinkly and totally look the part. Sigh.

So anyway, got that out of the way, got myself under control, came back to class all centered, took the real test, and got around an 86%. (Which is just barely a B as far as Nursing School goes)

It was crazy, but being half-way through the first block, I actually felt pretty good that I'd gotten this far without a single melt down.

Now to think about our Simulation Lab tomorrow, 2 papers due the week we get back from spring break, as well as 21 med cards and I think an online case study.

Happy Spring Break, ya'll.

I'd feel it a success if I can make it another 8 weeks until my next crying jag, thankyouverymuch.


laurie said...

i have had those moments so i know how you feel!!! you have so much on your plate right now - remember to be good to yourself.

leaner said...

I am not a pretty crier either. It is miserable (part of why I don't like going to church on the first Sunday, especially when my DAD bears his testimony...)

I love reading about your journey to nursing. Its fascinating to me.

Christine said...

We should have got together over some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream! I had a full melt down yesterday too. I had round two of my interview, caden was running a 104 temp, we have an offer on our house and with in five minutes of getting the call that it was submitted we got the news that the third house we put an offer on was once again being given to someone else. Then I had to drive home in the dark and pretty much cried the whole way. So i bought ben and jerrys for dinner. Sorry you had the break down but it was probably the release your body needed so you could get the 86%, congrats!!!! Hopefully you are doing something fun for break.

Danny said...

Sorry I couldn't be there fore you at your time of need. I will try harder to relief more of your, back rubs, quality time. Anything else I can do please ask me. I real want to do more for you.

Hayley said...

i so feel ya on this one. i spent many a test gritting my teeth, nauseous, sweating. you'll totally get through it though. when i look back i still can't believe that i did it. crazy i tell ya!

congrats on a GREAT grade!

Delfina said...

I've had those moments. I hated all the studying and then it doesn't pan at like we want it to.

OneHappyfamily said...

breakdowns... They have to happen to come out stronger on the other side. JMO Way to go on pushing through! You got this!

Liz said...

This is your calling Amie and it's ok to melt...
We are all imperfectly perfect people.
I know you can do it. Maybe a bump in the road here or there, but I know you are gonna be one of the best nurses out there..
Hugs sweetie...

We will celebrate next time I'm in Az.