Friday, April 15, 2011

cameron's birthday date

IMG_2374As has become our tradition, we let Cam stay home from school on his birthday, March 29th.  He's doing really well in class and wasn't going to miss anything too important--in fact he just got accepted into the Gifted program!  :)

IMG_2378As usual, we hit Denny's for breakfast.


Here's mine.mmmm..

IMG_2386 The big NINE year old!


Mmm, pancakes and diet coke.  Yes please.


Next, we went to see Rango.

IMG_2397 IMG_2399

And had a little fun with the sign out front.


IMG_2405 IMG_2409 IMG_2416 IMG_2418

And some camera fun inside.

The movie was. . . well. . .it was weird, I'm not gonna mince terms.  I didn't really like it.  I didn't get it, I didn't find it visually pleasing, I just found it weird.  The Deppster did great, but the animation and the story line were just. . . weird.  Cameron liked it though.


Out front, more fun with signs.

 IMG_2426 Now I know what a daughter of mine would look like?

After this, we rented "MegaMind" and ate a yummy dinner of Panda Express with the rest of the fam.


And later, some Golden Spoon frozen yogurt on the last day they were open for business.  *tear*  We didn't even realize they were closing.

Happy birthday, buddy!  Hope you enjoyed your special day!

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Jan Garber said...

Great fun pictures! I got a kick out of them! Sorry to hear about Rango. We had actually planned to take Hayden to see it and then something (ok, head lice he picked up at his school) showed up! Ugh! I spent 3 days treating that. I guess we all cross through the fire! Your boys are all getting so big! Let's get together!!