Wednesday, April 20, 2011

cameron's health promotion paper

Actually it was an assignment for me at school--my group was working on a paper entitled Smoking Cessation in Older Adults.  I told Cam what I was working on, and he decided to write his own version of the paper.  When he was done, he asked if I could attach it to my group one.

I sent it to them and they loved it.  But I'm not sure his spelling would pass the peer-review process and fulfill the requirements as denoted by the rubric.  ;)

What do you think?

Camerons paper Stop Smoking

"Please Stop Smoking!  By Cameron

You should not "smoke!"  Its very bad for you.  Say no to cigarettes!  Do you want to black-out or die?  It'll make your lungs black.  Quit smoking smokers!  Even plus it pollutes the air.  Do you want a six year old kid walking up and breathing the gas?  he'll die probably.  Chances are 85 percent of dying at age 24.  Black out and 1 living!

So stop, do opposite, quiet, I don't care if it makes you look cool.  People actually think you look dumb and bad.  You might not be able to go to heaven.  God will be sad.  Its mean to nurses, doctors, paramedics, and other people in the hospital to do when its just you!  It's really unfair!  I promise you if you stop smoking you will be a lot happier, trust me!

Do you want any presents from Santa?  if you are smoking it means you're being bad.  if you're being bad Santa Claus won't give you any presents.  That's probably why you don't believe in him. 

It was my birthday on March 29 and my party is April 2.  For that, here's your Don't Smoke for me, ok?"


[Roughly Edited.  lol]


*lindsey said...

That is too funny! So cute. "That's probably why you don't believe in him." best line.

tif-do said...

I love it!

Jenna said...

Oh this is amazing stuff!! Very convincing. And just hearing you say the word 'peer-review' and 'rubric' makes me shudder.... :)

laurie said...

if i was a smoker, i'd be throwing away my cigs right now! that kid should go into marketing or politics. :-)

Danny said...

The Santa Claus part is enough argument to make me stop!

heather said...

boy he really got them with the santa one.