Wednesday, May 25, 2011

sum - sum - summer - summer - time!

So, happy summer to everyone! How's it going so far? For some of us, school is still going on. My kids got out last week. Technically I was done May 11th, but Chemistry 130 has me busy busy busy! In fact, I'm a bit ahead of schedule and hope to take my mid-term later this week or early next week. It's not hard, but with the abbreviated schedule, I have four things due each week, so I'm definitely cramming it in.

Really nothing else going on. We have the usual plans of eating brekky and lunch at the school starting in June, the summer movies started today ($5 for 10 kids' movies, can't really beat that), and doing lots of reading (currently "Discovery of Witches", loving that!) while laying out on the trampoline in my new zebra-striped bikini. No joke. I bought a bikini. But I only wear it at home for sunning purposes. Way too much skin for the public eye, lol!

Dan's taking his Anatomy & Physiology II final today and he will be so happy to be done with that class. He's taking Chemistry with me, but I'm afraid it's taken a back-seat to A&P. He's been working lots but making his days home with us really count. We went on an awesome date last Friday to see "Pirates of the Caribbean: on Stranger Tides"...of course I loved it! I liked the addition of the new characters and the mermaids. They were really well done. Afterwards we went to one of my favorite places, Red Robin--because the next day I started the HCG diet again. Gotta get off what I gained stress-eating this semester! Ha!

My boys have already been busy with friends and late-overs, the ever-obsession with video games, and pestering me for a chance on the computer. (Sorry kiddo, Mom has homework) Cameron's been reading approximately a book a day and Sean's looking forward to a week stay with my parents early June. He's also been busy with lots of fun scouting activities, boating, camping, hiking, and more. His Boy Scout leader is awesome!

We have plans to go camping this weekend (and Father's Day weekend with friends, yay!) and one trip to Cali planned over the 4th weekend, but other than that we're stickin' close to home. Summer classes don't allow for a lot of breaks--though I'd not-so-secretly love to take the family to Disneyland for a few days. That just isn't in the cards this year. Nor the next. Nor likely the next!

Dan and I are also going to see "Les Miserable" in June. Super excited for that! I haven't seen that one since college way back in the day. I love the story of that one. We got the annual passes for the water park again, so we've already used that just about every weekend it's been open. It's a nice little getaway, and whether we stay 2 hours or 5, it doesn't matter having the season passes.

So, I guess we'll stay busy this summer! :) How about you?


laurie said...

sounds like a nice summer you have planned with a good balance of activities. Even though school was officially out last week, i still have meetings 4 out of 5 days this week. i'm hoping for some much-anticipated r and r next week. :-)

Jenna said...

My goal is to map out our summer this sounds like you've still got some fun things going on even though you're staying close to home!

leaner said...

Discovery of Witches is on my to read list, I am waiting for it from the library and can not wait to read it! It seems to be THE book to read right now!
I look forward to your review of it.
And LOL at the bikini. I will not be wearing mine much this summer, I have a tankini that I will cover my post partum tum tum with.

Casey Lu said...

I need to get the kids and I's summer planned out. Something fun this summer and things to keep them busy.
I feel ya on the homework thing, sadly the kids don't get that WE WANT to do OUR homework, lol. Dono always asks me, can't you do it last minute like I do?! Far too much work to do it last minute.
Can't wait for Le Mis!!! What time are you guys planning on leaving? We are dropping our kids off at the In-Laws in Peoria. Are you guys dressing up or going casual? I always thought you were suppose to dress up to those but when we went to KA in Vegas there were people in bikini's and shorts, lol. Won't be doing that but just wanted to get your take on it. Well, hope all is well!

wittygal said...

I love all of these summer plans. This will be my first year that I don't plan anything. I really just want to stay in and read with the kids. Of course they rather have friends over and go swimming. Good thing there are 24 hours in a day and we can all get our way. This summer we are going to read the Hobbit together and hopefully a few other books. Thanks for asking and your summer sounds wonderful, However I am a little disappointed about the bikini.... Isn't it supposed to be a yellow polka dot bikini? Hope your summer is great.