Tuesday, June 21, 2011

in the household news today...

Well, once again, things are pretty boring on my side of the world.

People ask how our summer is going and what we're doing to stay busy, to which I respond School and Reading. That pretty much sums up my days. Other than the occasional clean-up disaster after the boys--yesterday, taco grease all over the kitchen. Don't. Even. Ask. I'm pretty sure the neighbors even heard me yelling. And even now, they are at their grandmother's repairing a fence they helped destroy.

Chemistry is just about over, thank heavens. It is far from my favorite subject, even though I am doing well enough. I hope to take my final tomorrow and then I will have a couple of weeks before Pathophysiology starts after the 4th. It'll be nice to have a couple weeks' break. If you remember, I started Chem before my nursing block finished, and Patho will go 2 weeks into the next nursing block. So my 'summer break' will be these next two weeks. Whoopee! *eye roll*

Other trivial facts on my mind this day:

We bought a new kitchen table & chairs last week to go along with the new white/black kitchen. Now I need to finish the curtain rod and valance and figure out what I'm going to do with the remaining blank wall. Ideas? I really hate to clutter it up with more dust-catching knick-knacks. I think ideally I'd put a bit mirror there (framed in red) but I haven't done any searching for one of those yet.

My children have discovered The Animaniacs cartoons. <--my favorite cartoons from the early 90s. I still can quote a lot of them. Too funny. As we watch, I'll laugh and laugh. So many of them were really written for adults, so the humor goes right over the kids' heads. They laugh because it's silly, I laugh because I get it.

We're heading to Cali over the 4th of July. So looking forward to that. Great-Grandpa is putting on another Family Summer Olympics which should be stinkin' FUN! That is one of our favorite things EVER. We also plan on going to Pismo Beach and doing some fishing (Dan, at least), and squeezing in every ounce of fun with our 5 days with the family that we can.

We make ice cream nearly every day. Tee hee. My diet has started and stopped so many times already this summer, it's humorous. Started again yesterday--have a goal in mind by the start of our Cali vacay, so I'm motivated!

I'm babysitting Thursday for 3 little ones for a friend who is moving; haven't done that in quite some time, have I? In fact, I'm nervous that we won't have anything for them to do...I have no high chairs or playpens or anything for the little ones, but I think the boys will enjoy having the other kids here. Sean loves babies so he'll be a big help.

As I've mentioned several times, I've been reading lots. Some have been duds, but you never know until you try 'em, right? I always have a book with me, in the car, the doc's office, whatever. I won't really have that opportunity come Fall Semester, might as well take advantage while I can!

We have a little pool table we're selling (to help pay for my kitchen table!) Anyone interested? It has the entire ball set but no sticks. It's approx 3.5 x 6 feet, really decent shape. I have it listed on craigslist for $180 but that's totally negotiable.

Well, that's it for us 'til my next boring update!


OneHappyfamily said...

Paint a chalkboard on that wall. Mask off a section. You can write different bible verses, family goals, whatever. It would be adorable. Then you could paint some wood trim red and use liquid nails to frame the area. It would be super cute!

laurie said...

are you kidding?! your life is never, ever boring! i love pismo beach and am sure you will all have a great time there. your new table looks great. i'm thinking red framed black and white photos on the wall???

Casey Lu said...

Love Shawnette's idea and to do a spin on it,as she said you can tape off a rectangle and paint it with black chalkboard paint, then (here is the spin) you can make like a checkerboard border with red and black or white and as she said get some wood trim and frame it as she said. That would look really good over the table! I will have to think more.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Sounds like a great summer! and they say boys will be boys.. hehee

I remember one summer a girlfriend and I and her lil brother ate all her moms fresh picked tomatoes and 2 things of bacon... boy was she ticked! oops! ;)

Have fun on your vaca..sounds awesome!!!

ps: school.. wow! You are busy..
oh yeah.. your table .. ME LIKES!

Liz said...

Cute cute love that table... Very cool and you will be creative I love what Casey lu said about Shawnette idea the kids would love it to..... Glad to catch up .. Been so busy I'm dizzy lol..

Monica McCoy said...

Love the table and chairs. And Animaniacs- Love it!