Monday, June 6, 2011

wind in the willow springs -- a camping adventure

We always love a little jaunt up north for cooler temps, big campfires, and making pishy in the woods. But our last camping trip didn't quite go as planned!

The weather called for wind, but we had no idea we'd be experiencing hurricane-like winds while roughing it in the wild! The first day, it was just inconvenient. The temperature was lovely and perfect--until that wind picked up, or you stood in the shadows. We even braved the lake for a bit of fishing--which again, when there was no wind, was perfect. But as soon as the hurricane forces started up again, we were a tad chilly!

I swear the first night it sounded like we were sleeping next to a racing freight train it was so loud, but that's just the effect of wind through those tall tall trees.

The second day, the boys' tent zipper broke (after, count 'em, TWO times of using it), and then mid-day whilst Dan and I were studying Chemistry in our tent (really, honest, I swear) the nailed-down gazebo snapped in half and flipped over. I said to Dan, "Do you wanna just go home?" he said, "Yes!" and off we went. Well, after 2 hours of packing up camp.

So, it ended up being a bit of a costly adventure. But there were some good times. Just see:


There's the gazebo and tent before the wild wilderness claimed them. (No, we did not leave our broken items in the wilderness, but it was definitely a pain trying to close up that gazebo once it had snapped in half! My big muscley man did it though!)


Seriously, look at that dirty face. Like 2 hours after we'd been there.


IMG_3493 IMG_3502

This is why we were here, a little time out on the boat.

IMG_3503 IMG_3512 IMG_3523 IMG_3524

It didn't take the boys long to learn that "Fishing is Boring!" Yes, I quite agree. A lot of sit and wait. Though all they wanted to do was reel in their lines over and over. Fortunately, no one got stuck with a hook in the eye throughout the whole thing.

IMG_3536 IMG_3550

Onto dinner! Yummm.

IMG_3554 IMG_3556 IMG_3561

And dessert.


IMG_3568 IMG_3571 IMG_3580

And breakfast. :) You already know my happiest times revolve around food.


Dan made this awesome rope swing for us.



Everyone got a turn.


IMG_3612 IMG_3613 IMG_3616


IMG_3620 IMG_3623 IMG_3629

So it was still full of fun times--a rough day camping beats a boring day at home any ol' day--but we'll have to buy some more equipment before we go out again.

Check out the wind!


laurie said...

your photos show a grand time. bummer about the wind, though. dinner sure looks good - why does food always taste so good outside?!

Casey Lu said...

Sorry you had to head home early and that the Gazebo broke! That isn't fun but that rope swing sure looks like it!