Friday, July 8, 2011

california vacay -- the highlights

Pardon me as I take a few days to recoup from our July 4th whirlwind vacation to visit Dan's family in central California.

We had a most excellent time, but now that we're back, it's back to laundry and cleaning, homework and heat heat heat.

Some highlights from our trip, you ask?  Here you go:

  • baptism of our niece Kylie followed by yummy dinner and pool party at her home
  • the annual H--------- Family Summer Olympics up in Squaw Valley as hosted by Great-Grandpa
  • meeting and re-meeting all the clan, cousins, aunts and uncles, and oh-so-many 2nds and 3rds and greats
  • two words:  zip line
  • awesome one-on-one talks with Grandpa
  • super yummy food, and keeping to my diet
  • low-key fireworks in the street
  • chillin' and relaxin' on Pismo Beach
  • clam chowd-ah
  • ahhhhh. . . (sorry, still thinking about Pismo Beach. . . and the clam chowder)
  • 11th birthday party for nephew Kyle, complete with to-die-for carrot cake infused with pineapple, almonds, and raisins
  • playing with twin babies now almost one year old and so stinkin' cute it almost makes me want another baby
  • swimming three times a day; no kidding!
  • reading next to the pool in the 100+ weather
  • not shaving my legs for 6 days (it's ok, I have really blonde hair and it grows slow)
  • finishing 2 books
  • no car problems
  • keeping up on homework while there but not hatin' it
  • pretty good behavior from the boys

Each day was so wonderful, and I am so glad I have the 511 pictures to document it.  You'll get to see a few of those in the days to come.

How did you celebrate the 4th?


Jenna said...

I'm so jealous you didn't have to shave your legs!! Glad there were no car problems!

laurie said...

sounds like a great trip! i'm so jealous you got to spend time at the ocean. i keep thinking july 4 is just around the corner - i was out of the country so i missed it!