Monday, August 1, 2011

"i got that uh, gala. . .it's a uh, regatta gala"

*10 points if you can name that sit-com reference*

Cub Scouts sponsored a Regatta-themed Luau this weekend in which all the boys had an opportunity to sail their home-made regatta boat. 

We started Cameron's the night before the event.  (ahem)*slackers!*(ahem)

Sooo Cam didn't win any of his heats, but the races were fun, the hawaiian haystacks were yummy, and the Cub Scout committee put on one heckuva luau.


Why is there always that one kid that can't take a straight picture, why?

 IMG_4721IMG_4690  IMG_4699  IMG_4701 IMG_4717 IMG_4718  




jolene's spot said...

FRIENDS!!!!! When Rachel was trying to impress yeti... I mean Danny:)

laurie said...

cool boats! i'm sure that was fun to watch.

Our Family said...

Friends! Shoot, I wasn't first.