Tuesday, August 30, 2011

i can see clearly now

So yes, my two oldest 'flunked' their eye tests during their last pediatrician appointments, and thus optometrist visits were scheduled.  Sean has something like 70/20 and Cam has 60/20, just a bit near-sighted for both. 

{FYI Dan is also near-sighted but got the Lasic surgery several years ago, I've always had 20/20, and Ethan 'aced' his test at 20/15 during his test}

Just cuz they're my kids and I think they're so cute, here are a bunch more pics in their new glasses. 

    IMG_4857 IMG_4858  IMG_4860 IMG_4861    IMG_4865 IMG_4866


*giggle* these last two were Cameron's idea.  Such a nut.


Anonymous said...

I like Cam's ideas for shots, that's really creative!


leaner said...

Rhayn's vision is 20/20 in one eye and not so good in the other (can't remember).
Your boys are cute with their glasses. :)

leaner said...

And the last 2 shots make me think "near, far, near far" like on Sesame Street. Too funny.

laurie said...

they both look very smart and handsome!

Jennifer ♥ said...

They both look great in glasses! I have horrible vision and have worn contacts most of my life. I don't look cute in my glasses :(

Anonymous said...

Cameron is looking at the camera AND smiling in ALL of his picts! Maybe the problem before was that he just couldn't see the camera. (=