Friday, August 19, 2011

more of my life in a nutshell

Once again, my blog has gotten a little boring and scant and void of personality.

I've, uh, gotten completely addicted to Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I watch for Angel yumminess) so I admit that's sucked some of my creativity away. I have had stuff to say, just no pictures to go with (Google Images to the rescue!), and I firmly believe in pictures with posts! Who wants to just read words...and stuff...and more words?

However, words I have!

Here's the latest--Dan and I just finished our Pathophysiology class online. It was easy. Too easy. So easy, I got a 99% and didn't learn a thing! Ha. Just way too easy to find all the answers online and not have to put any work into it. Oh well, at least we got the credit...and an 8lb book to fill up our ever-growing bookcase.

Things have gone well with the boys now ending their second week at school for the year. We've already settled into a nice rhythm, reading afterschool and doing homework before we play (myself included!), and so far, I think they're happy with their teachers and thus so am I.

For 3-4 weeks now, I've been exercising again, but not eating well at all, so I feel like the Pillsburg Doughboy. I alternate between running one mile (and that I've had to work up to, ugh!), walking 2 miles (or whatever 30 minutes gets me) or biking 4-5 miles, again shooting for 30 minutes. I enjoy the walking. Not so much the sweating. The biking is actually more difficult than I thought it'd be. I'd never realized it before, but most of our streets around here have some kind of incline going on. In several of my routes I've found entire miles uphill--it's slight elevation, but on a bike using just developing muscles, well...OUCH. Plus, my hands go numb as I ride, so I'm constantly shaking them out and trying to adjust to relieve the pressure on my palms. And don't get me started on how much I do NOT like the run. Buuuut I'm doing it.

Anyway, I go at 5:30 each morning and wake up on my own usually, so I guess I'm used to it. Dan's such a good example to me. He's been running every other morning for just about a year. He goes far though--something like 3-4 miles each time plus stopping for 300 pushups along the way. No thanks.

I start school this coming Monday! Block 2 of Nursing School, here I come. I'm excited, but scared-nervous-anxious as always. The last couple of weeks I've been reviewing my Block 1 information, just to refresh my mind. I think it'll be good.

Along those lines, yesterday, Danny had some Continuing Education to do at a hospital lecture for work. He said it was about pregnancy and jokingly asked if I wanted to come along since they served breakfast. Well, yes! Considering that Labor & Delivery is what I'm most interested in working at this point, I'd love to attend the lecture. We got to the hospital and found out that the nurses on site were doing a drill in which they simulated a bunch of bomb explosion victims come in. Dan decided he wanted to help out with that instead, so I stayed upstairs and listened to the lecture. It was very interesting, I totally loved it. I was sitting there with all these paramedics and firefighters (and no one knew who I was) but I was eating good and learning. All good things.

I've been using Stephanie O'Dea's "Totally Together: Shortcuts To an Organized Life" to help plan my chores and jobs throughout the days and weeks. For example, it tells you when to clean your remote controls, change your bedsheets, dust your windowsills, etc. It's kept me focused and busy since the boys have been back to school. I do a chore, then I watch a Buffy episode *giggle* then I'll study for a bit, then do a chore, etc. (Thanks, Steph, for the book!)

Dan and I have been extremely blessed to be able to attend the temple twice in the past two weeks as well. We sure love our Day Dates! It takes us about an hour to get out there, so we look forward to when the Phoenix temple will be up and running in two years or so.

So there you have it, lots of this, that, and the other. I've also been reading as many books for fun that I could fit in, knowing that my reading rate will seriously decline once I'm back in school. Sigh. It's been a great summer for reading. It's been a great summer all around!


Jenna said...

What a great update... I'm with you on the exercising. I run/walk 2 miles 3 times a week but I need to make it 5!

Jenna said...

days that is, not miles. :)

leaner said...

Buffy zapped my creativity, too. It also was a strange world to live in for a few months. I'm having a hard time getting into Angel's world.

leaner said...

Oh and I fully agree about posts without pictures. I am guilty of that often. My blog started off as a journal, but in my journal I used to sketch pictures. I don't even know where I was going with this comment. I think I will try to nap now.

Christine said...

Lots of cool stuff there lady. But what we all really want to know - is the fish still alive??????

laurie said...

sounds like a full, busy life! i like how you separate household chores with bouts of tv episodes - i'm going to have to try that as a motivations since nothing else seems to be working. we could have a dough-boy reunion since i'm feeling like one as well! i tested ethan the other day and he did fabulous. :-) i told him to say hi to his mom and he gave me a cute but strange look.

Anonymous said...

Nice, we too feel like we have been extremely blessed this summer, what a great life!


Liz said...

Ahhh good to get caught up lol I have been so busy its awful.. Glad to hear school is good. And bursing xoxo

Casey Lu said...

Glad to see things are going good! I am also trying to cram as many books in as I can between classes, though I read tons over the summer too. That books sounds pretty neat, I will have to check it out. Trying to find some time here to workout but it is SO hot, can't believe how hot it is this week! Hope you have a great week, thankfully it is almost over and the weekend will be here, can't wait!