Tuesday, October 4, 2011

fine. i gave in already.

Around 2 1/2 years ago, I posted this, an adamant refusal to join Facebook.

I thought it was a time-sucking trend that would go the way of MySpace.

Well, 2 1/2 years later, it is only bigger and more popular and quickly becoming the only way to communicate with people! Let's face it, facebook is here to stay! At least until the next big thing, but I can't imagine that happening for a while.

After countless episodes of being the last to know things, missing out on news from friends, study groups at school, and just plain old coolness, I threw in my towel and joined the masses.

I am determined never to Farm. I will monitor my time. I will not let hours go by as I surf status updates. *pinky swear!*

However I look forward to being included again in my friends' lives! Heck, even the church facebooks nowadays!

I have no idea what I'm doing on there. I'm afraid that every comment I make is made visible to a million people. I'm still not sure who can see what on my Wall? I tried to join a group yesterday and couldn't even find it. LOL If any one wants to share their top 10 FB tips for a beginner, I'd appreciate it!

And join/follow/friend ?? me at www.facebook.com/amiedanny


Christine said...

You can set your privacy settings so only friends can see your info and pictures. I also recommend adjusting your email notifications so you don't get an email each time someone comments on not only your stuff but after you comment or like someone else's stuff. And keep in mind if you unfriend someone they do not get a notification. It's a great way to stay in contact with people. Have fun!

Deana :) said...

Amie...I seriously limit my facebook. I have my settings private so only people I have friended can see my wall. I only friend people I truly want to keep in touch with. Who cares about what's-his-name that I knew in elementary school or who's-that-girl who wants me to be her friend...I'm sure I know her, but how??? Some people friend everyone they can...strangers they bump into at the grocery store, their next-door neighbor's uncle's cousin's cat's girlfriend...you know, as a status thing. I think I have like 50 friends. But I can truly say I am interested in what those 50 people have to share with me. I NEVER play the games...viruses galore, and such a time waster! Good luck. I've enjoyed being on fb. Hope you will, too.

tif-do said...

See you on the Facebook!

leaner said...

I also refuse to farm or any of the other games. I try to limit my time. I even had my Firefox set up to limit my time on FB for a while.

Your group may be on the left side of the screen, about 1/3 of the way down.

I still feel like a novice at FB most of the time.

Jennifer ♥ said...

Welcome to the dark side :) I just sent you a friend request.

laurie said...

i am not on facebook but, like you mentioned, i am often the last to know anything! i may give in someday, too.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha sucker! I point blank refused as well, as soon as I signed up for Myspace it tanked. See you on the next big thing!


Margee' said...

It's about time!