Tuesday, December 20, 2011

our saturday

I kid you not, I did not leave my bed until about 11 a.m.  It was splendid.

Dan's on shift, we all slept in, then the kids came into my room to watch Pokemon movies on my computer.  I just put the pillow over my head and fell back asleep.  Bliss.

Then, Cam lost a tooth and gained a new hole in his head.


He has a really hard time taking pictures, period, but outside, even on a cloudy day, fuggetaboutit.  It took us eighteen tries to get this almost-non-squinty one.

Then, off to the baseball fields for Ethan's last game of the season.  (whoo-hoo!  No more practice and no more Saturday games!)


This favorite moment is what he was waiting for all season, getting his trophy.  Good job, E!

Then, Chitlins and I made a snowflake garland (as per our Advent Calendar Stocking's suggestion) and read The Night the Grinch Stole Christmas.


Saw this on Lorie's site this past week, as taken from the Nifty Thrifty Things blog

IMG_6322 As much as I love it, it does take some time.  We made about 18 snowflakes (well, I made probably a dozen and the kids started their half) in a little over an hour.  We used scratch paper because we didn't have a lot of plain white paper to be wasted.


I think it's cute.

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