Tuesday, January 3, 2012

thankgiving barbecue

Yes, I know.

It's January.

And I'm still blogging about November. 

I kinda sorta forgot I hadn't done anything with these pictures yet, which is a shame because we had such a good time.

So, for those of you keeping track, my kids have 3 grandmas and 3 great-grandmas still alive, which is awesome!  We've seen each and every one of them in the past 8 weeks!  :)

'Round Thanksgiving time, when we were visiting Dan's family in California, we were able to spend an afternoon at Grandma Lewis' place out on the farm.  Ranch?  In the country?  It's farmland out there, pretty mellow and a lot quieter than city life.  She has a huge piece of property which lent itself to a fun afternoon for a bunch of cousins, etc and some barbeque.

As I am lazier than dirt right now, you get more collages.

 11-25-11 Thanksgiving in Fresno.jpg

Above, you see Dan's Dad and step-Mom, Sean with his favorite kind of pooch, the twins in all their cuteness, Danny having a full-on conversation in Spanish with a 3rd cousin (?) who is currently in full-immersion Spanish elementary school (1st grade and completely bilingual!), and a blip of a rousing game of tetherball.


Here you see cousins cousins cousins and the start of our barbecue.  Little Kyler was our newest baby cousin at that point, but he's already lost the newest-born status to Kilani who was born a couple of weeks ago.  The family keeps on growing!


Time for s'mores!  (Incidentally, a couple of weeks ago we had a fabulous evening with our friends the Davis family who introduced us to a new way of making s'mores--chocolate covered graham crackers with marshmellows.  SO good)


Oops, how did that shot get in there?



This pic is missing a couple of people/families, but it was still a great day.  We had a fabulous time with you Great-Grandma Lewis!

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laurie said...

i love how one of the little twins is hanging on for dear life to that slide! this time of year (the holidays) goes by much too quickly and is filled with significant moments. i like your new winter blog-wear. :-)