Friday, February 10, 2012

friday's news

Ethan's had croup and stayed home from school all week. I know next to nothing about this ailment...not sure how to fix him. He's all coughety-cough-cough but thankfully, that is it. No difficulty breathing or swelling in his throat.

However, that nixxed our vacay plans for this weekend--had a hotel all bought and paid for and lovely intentions of some seaside fun with fam...'twill have to be done another time.

We're getting a new puppy airmailed to us (ha) are very excited about that! Hopefully next week I'll have some pics to share.

I have something like 350 pages of text to review for the next test Tuesday. I need to go bury myself in study guides. Such is the life of Amie right now.

Many thanks to those who have donated $$ towards my kiddos' Friends of Scouts fundraising campaign. We're still a little short of our designated $150/kid, so if anyone would be willing to donate, we'd be very appreciative! I'll send my kids over to wash your windows or your car or something. :)

Happy weekend, all!


tif-do said...

Bummer on germs! Exciting your getting a puppy! What kind?

laurie said...

i hope ethan is feeling better and that you get to plan another get-away soon. i must have missed your friends of scouts fundraising news but i would be glad to donate to it. email me details (cash, check, etc.)