Thursday, March 29, 2012

seriously made of awesomeness...or something

Got my third perfect score on a test this semester--the mid-term no less! Woot, woot!!

(We won't talk about that 'other' test in which 90% of the class failed and failed badly, and that it was the only test the teacher wrote herself, no I'm not bitter, really...we won't talk about that!)

But flip, 100% on the mid-term, I'm still kind of in shock. 'Specially because, well, it seemed rather easy. Maybe because it was over material that I kinda sorta love? Maybe the teacher is picking much too easy questions for us? Maybe all my studying and reading and sweating and praying is actually working? :) Whatever it is, I'll take it.

6 weeks until our final (yes, the mid-term came very late). Up next is our Pediatric Clinical rotation, and I must admit, I'm a tad nervous about that. Sick kids? Sad kids? Kids with overbearing really protective parents? Oy! Yes, nervous.

Like the past 2, this 3rd semester has flown. I mean, really, 6 weeks left, then 3 months of summer to forget it all. I am taking one summer class online (Statistics--how boring does that sound?) but other than that, 3 months of zip.

Dan is about to start his 3 months of the Bridge program (Paramedic to Nurse--it cuts off the first two semesters of Nursing School), so we'll be matchy matchy in our scrubs. Stinky thing is, he'll be driving out to Mesa 2-3 times a week for class and clinicals. And gas prices are near $4/gallon. Goodbye, tax return!

Still buzzin' on my good grade...I think I need some celebratory chocolate!


Anonymous said...

Here here! Celebratory chocolate for all!


Jennifer ♥ said...

All your hard work is definitely paying off!! Congrats! You are going to make a great nurse :)