Friday, March 9, 2012

spring break is on!

I really didn't want to post this until I had some pictures to add, but there hasn't been a lot of photo-worthy moments and I've been too lazy to grab the camera when there have been!

Nothing too exciting to to see 4 more babies born this week and took care of several of them in the nursery. Gave shots, took vitals, and did assessments. Just lovin' it!

Spring Break is officially on, Cameron is going to Grandma and Grandpa's for the week, and we pretty much have nothing else going on. (Other than careplan, a paper, and studying for next test for me!) Maybe a short turnaround camping trip at Estrella Mountain Regional Park? I think it would be fun to take Tallie for the first time. Anyone want to join us?

Ethan broke out in unexplained hives again--yes, third time in four years. We then took him to get some official allergy testing done. Gotta figure out what's going on!

Cameron has his Pinewood Derby today and Sean is performing at the All State Band performance. Last year, it was held in Gilbert; this year, it's right up the street at the nearest high school. Score!

I am slightly sunburned today, and couldn't be happier. It means Mr. Sun is coming out! I studied outside on my trampoline yesterday for two hours whilst in my bikini. (lol, there's a visual for ya!) It was heavenly.

There's an 8 year old girl that lives catty-corner behind us who I guess is in love with Ethan. She keeps yelling over the wall for him. It's kinda funny.

Looking forward to the "Hunger Games" midnight premiere the night of March 22nd here in town. If you want in on the group, let me know and I'll email you the information. Our group pays ahead ($14) and gets a numbered ticket, so not only do you NOT have to stand in line all day, but you have a guaranteed spot and get to go in 2 hours early for fun and games and giveaways. The gal organizing it has collected tons of fun donations (some for every person in attendance) and some of the prizes are amazing! (a Kindle Fire!) She has to finalize our theater this week, so email me quick if you're interested.

Sean's play "Beauty and the Beast" is at his school, April 26 and 27th, 6:30pm. Cost is $2 for ages 2 and up. I know he's love some fans in the audience!

There's more, but I tire just thinking about it. All in all, we're healthy, happy, busy, and looking forward to a lovely Spring Break.

What are your plans?


Anonymous said...

It's spring break??? It means nothing to us yet. No school to worry about and of course no change in the workplace.... I hope Hunger Games is good. The girl playing Katniss is not what I pictured at all and everything I've seen her act in was not impressive. We'll see...


wittygal said...

Oh babies, I have so much love for them. I am beginning to think I want another one, yikes! I hope you have a great spring break. Thanks again for the book reviews I had not idea there was a second book to Austenland, I too am a Shannon Hale's fan. Good day!