Friday, April 27, 2012

be our guest

Sean did an amazing job on his performance last night of Lumiere in Beauty & the Beast.

As always, he acted his little heart out and stole the show.

His play runs again tonight (Friday) at 6:30 if you missed it last night!

Great job Sean, we had so much fun and I know you did too!

His leading vocal in "Be Our Guest."


Anonymous said...

Did they do the whole Beauty and the Beast play, or just that song? That was pretty entailed for grade school.... nice job Sean!


Elise said...

His costume is amazing. Did you take part in that? Do you have any pics of the beast? I am curious how they did his costume too. Wonderful!

laurie said...

i could watch that over and over again, always with a huge smile on my face. sean did a fantastic job really "owning" his part - i am looking forward to seeing all he accomplishes in the future.

Jan Garber said...

Encore! Great singing, Sean!