Wednesday, April 18, 2012

party time!

The whole party was water-themed (which, again, was perfect for last weekend, we'd have had to change plans if this cold front had come any sooner!)


Easy peasy party favors


Assortment of donuts for cake.


Swimming, water on the trampoline, water guns. . .


Water pinata, as seen on Pinterest here.

IMG_7368 This thing was so fun.  And actually a lot harder to pop the balloons than I thought!  Everyone got to get at least 2 balloons, so that was fun.  I'd totally do this again.

IMG_7423 The smaller balloons were easier to pop than the large ones.

IMG_7446 IMG_7458 IMG_7487 IMG_7504 IMG_7507

Lovely presents (mostly Legos of course!), and I already pictured the cake above.  This was a pretty simple party, but he had a really fun time.

Thanks everyone for your attendance and presents!  :)


Elise said...

SQUUEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I am soooo stealing the water pinata idea for Quintin's 5th birthday this weekend! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

laurie said...

looks like it was a splashing success of a fun party!